10 Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

Are you redesigning your bathroom? Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid.

bathroom with stand alone tub and pothos plant

A successful bathroom redesign is one that is thoroughly planned out. If you are hastily making the changes without research or taking the time to consider other things will result to regret. For instance, you choose a certain shower set just because it’s cheap. Doing this is a big no-no as bathroom fixtures are quite an investment because they last for years, and it’s not practical to replace them regularly.

There are a lot of things to consider when redesigning your bathroom to make sure it looks aesthetic and, at the same time, functional. Here are some ten bathroom design mistakes to avoid:

  1. Not taking the time to take measurements
  2. Getting incompatible bathroom fixtures
  3. Staying too loyal to polished chrome
  4. Forgetting to plan the lighting
  5. Not using the walls
  6. Impulse choosing the bathroom tile design
  7. Not having enough storage space
  8. Not getting a good quality mirror
  9. Forgetting to invest in quality rugs
  10. Ignoring the bathroom door

#1 Not taking the time to take measurements

Before shopping for tiles, fixtures, and accessories, measuring the bathroom space and ensuring the measurements' accuracy is crucial. The last thing you'd want us to invest in is a pricey bathtub, then find out that it does not fit in the bathroom.

So take time to get those measurements and re-check them. Make sure you have a soft copy so you can easily pull the file out when you are out shopping for fixtures and other big bathroom stuff.

#2 Getting incompatible bathroom fixtures

Before purchasing the shower fixtures, you should first check your home’s water system. Do not get a ceiling-mounted shower set when no water pipes are running in the ceiling. The same goes for water taps and bathtubs.

You can ask for help from professional plumbers so they can help you determine the best shower system for your bathroom.

#3 Staying too loyal to polished chrome

Polished chrome is the most common finish of bathroom fixtures. However, if you are planning to get a whole new look for your bathroom, it’s time to explore other finishing options. 

You can choose matte black if you want a sophisticated look, oil-rubbed bronze if you want a vintage feel, and brushed nickel if you prefer chrome but with a less shiny finish. Of course, you’ll need to check whether the finish complements your existing bathroom fixtures and decors. 

#4 Forgetting to plan the lighting

Right at the beginning of your redesign project, you should also plan the lighting. A dark bathroom won’t be convenient for cleaning time, so make sure that you install enough lighting fixtures. However, a bath won’t be too relaxing with blinding cool white light, so consider getting dimmable lights.

Another option is to install complementary lighting in the areas near the bathtub and the shower. Only turn these lights on when showering to achieve a relaxing, spa-like bathing experience. 

#5 Not using the walls

Walls are the most ignored part of the bathroom. Do not leave them bare! A minimalist theme is relaxing alright, but adding some personality to the walls won’t ruin the theme. For instance, a painting can add texture and a pop of color to an all-black bathroom. On the same note, a shelf dedicated to plants can add life and vibrance to the space.

Another alternative is to use a different type of tiles or paint it in a totally different color. Wallpapers with bold patterns are also a great idea to turn a bare wall into an accent wall.

#6 Impulse choosing the bathroom tile design

Sometimes, you just want the redesign to get done immediately, that choosing your tiles is made in haste. Don’t just pick tiles because of how beautiful they look or how cheap they are. The size and material should also be perfect for your bathroom.

For instance, getting large tiles is perfect for small bathrooms as they give the illusion of a more expansive interior. Stone tiles can provide a spa-like feel, but they may be too slippery, so they are not recommended for families with little kids or old people. Choosing your bathroom tile designs does require some thinking and research too!

#7 Not having enough storage space

Do you know which contributes to a cluttered bathroom? Toiletries. And this happens when you do not have enough storage space in the bathroom. Make sure that you install cabinets where you can hide and keep toiletries.

If the bathroom is too small and has no cabinet space, consider turning the area below the sink and above the toilet tank. You can also opt for hanging shelves for shampoo bottles and other stuff. And of course, you can get a mirror cabinet instead of just a plain mirror.

#8 Not getting a good quality mirror

And speaking of mirrors, having a mirror is very important in bathrooms, no matter the size. Aside from its functionality, the right mirror can also contribute to the space's aesthetic.

Choose one that has a frame that matches the theme of the room and is the right size. It's also practical to get an illuminated one, especially if you or your partner does their makeup inside the bathroom and also when shaving. These mirror lights can also be used as ambient lighting when taking a relaxing bath.

#9 Forgetting to invest in quality rugs

Rugs do not just dry your feet and prevent slips, but these bathroom accessories also contribute to the bathroom’s overall look. That is why you should never settle for cheaply made rugs.

Make sure to choose ones that are highly absorbent and skid-resistant. Of course, choose rugs with colors or patterns that match your bathroom’s aesthetic. If you have an all-white bathroom, getting a bright orange one can add a beautiful pop of color. The same goes for patterned ones.

#10 Ignoring the bathroom door.

Last but not least is your bathroom door. Just like the walls, doors are sometimes ignored in bathroom redesign projects. The door is a great way to add some style to the space. In fact, it can be turned into an accent door. Paint it in a totally different color from the rest of the room, or cover it with a heavily patterned wallpaper.

You can also add more functionality to the door by installing towel hooks or hanging shelves. The bathroom door has so much potential, so let your imagination run wild!