1. Warranty Duration : 5 years as of purchase date
  2. Within warranty period, SR SUNRISE is responsible for repairing any defective product free of charge.
  3. Please contact us via email with this warranty card and invoice if repairs are needed during the warranty period.
  4. SR SUNRISE will not be responsible for any claims listed below:
    • The damage and/or malfunction caused by improper use an/or repairs; or any unauthorized reconstruction; including any damage caused by abuse (i.e. fall, throw... etc.)
    • Please engage the services of a professional plumber. SR SUNRISE will not be responsible for any damage and/malfunction caused by wrongful installation.
    • The damage and/malfunction caused by removing after installation or other factors.
    • The damage and/malfunction caused by application beyond the scope of usage.
    • The damage and/malfunction caused by sand, dirt and other impurities.
    • The damage and/malfunction caused by improper/insufficient maintenance; rust on finishing etc...
    • The damage and/malfunction caused by fir, earthquakes, flood, lightning and other natural disasters, pollution, harmful gas, salts, abnormal voltage and other factors.
    • On occasions when the warrantee card or invoice is not presented.
  5. The recommended water temperature of hand shower and rain shower is W42°C; water pressure 0.1-0.3 Mpa. The highest temperature should not reach beyond 70°C and water pressure should not exceed the limits of 0.05-0.5 Mpa. Please keep any shower products away from the heating devices to avoid potential risks.
  6. This limited warranty applies only to the original end-user or business. It expressly excludes labor charges, removal charges, installation, or other incidental or consequential costs. Any inappropriate application will void the warranty.
  7. This warranty cannot be replaced if the warranty card is missed, please keep safe.