10 Tiny Bathroom Ideas

Got a small bathroom? No problem. Here are 10 tiny bathroom ideas and design tricks to make them look bigger.

tiny white bathroom with oval vanity mirror and bathtub

The average size of American bathrooms varies depending on the type -- full, primary, and half. Full bathrooms usually consist of a shower, bathtub, toilet, and vanity with a sink. Primary bathrooms are typically connected to the primary bedroom and include a double vanity with two bathroom sinks, a bathtub, a separate shower enclosure, and a toilet. Lastly, half bathrooms, also called powder rooms, are usually located near the living room and only consist of a toilet and a sink.

The average size of a full American bathroom is five by eight feet or 40 square feet. The average size of a primary bathroom is 115 to 210 square feet, averaging 160 square feet. The average US size is 20 square feet for half bathrooms or powder rooms, but they can range from about 18 to 32 square feet in size.

If the bathroom in your home has a size below average, don’t worry. Small space shouldn't stop you from living large! Beautifying a small bathroom is very possible without making it feel cramped and cluttered.

Here are 10 tiny bathroom ideas you might want to try:

  1. Consider upgrading your shower system.
  2. Install a sliding bathroom door.
  3. Let natural light in.
  4. Stick to a limited color scheme.
  5. Design vertically.
  6. Consider built-in storage and wall niches.
  7. Invest in a big mirror.
  8. Make use of corners and other awkward spaces.
  9. Install floating shelves and ledges.
  10. Choose a large-scale wallpaper.

#1 Consider upgrading your shower system.

10-inch wall-mounted showerhead system in oil-rubbed bronze

Are you still using the traditional showerhead? It’s time you go for an upgrade. The best shower system for small bathrooms is one that includes a rain showerhead. Modern rain showerheads provide a wide water flow coverage which means water hits all parts of the body at the same time without the need to move around in such a small space. 

For instance, SR Sunrise’s 10-inch wall-mounted showerhead system in oil-rubbed bronze has the perfect size for tiny shower spaces. The fixtures come in sleek, slim designs that will complement a small space. Modern showers like this one also provide an impeccable, spa-like shower experience that can make you forget how tiny your bathroom is.

#2 Install a sliding bathroom door.

Get rid of your hinged bathroom door and replace it with a sliding one. Swinging doors take up space in any room, so consider getting a door installed on a rail that will stay parallel with the bathroom wall at all times.

A sliding bathroom door may be a labor-intensive upgrade, but it definitely can save a lot of usable space in your tiny bathroom. Plus, who else do you know has a sliding bathroom door? It also adds a cool factor to your home and also is a great conversation starter for guests. 

#3 Let natural light in.

A small space tends to become smaller and cramped when it’s dark. So always allow the natural light by not blocking your windows. Remove the shampoo bottles on the window sill and opt not to use a curtain. Bathroom windows are usually frosted or mirrored, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy,

As for tiny windowless bathrooms, amplify the light by getting more mirrors and installing them near the lighting fixtures. Getting the right lighting fixtures also help keep the tiny space bright.

#4 Stick to a limited color scheme.

tiny bathroom with blue and white color scheme with some brownThis bathroom uses a blue and white color scheme with some touches of brown, which is very pleasing to the eye.

Avoid choosing a color palette that includes too many colors to avoid making the space look cluttered. Three or less will do, and light tones are the best choice. For example, neutral tones like a creamy white hue can reflect the natural light from the window.

Surprisingly, darker tones work well too. Super dark paint with high gloss can amplify the space by reflecting light. Also, it creates an illusion of a larger space because of the depth. Dark walls also draw attention to other bathroom decors, say, a painting or decorative lighting fixtures. 

#5 Design vertically.

Designwise, always go vertical. Choose cabinets and mirrors that have more length than width, so you still have space for other bathroom stuff. The same goes for every bathroom decor that you will get. Long-stemmed flowers in a long vase give the illusion of a very high ceiling and also do not take up much area.

When installing paintings or picture frames on the wall, line them up vertically instead of horizontally. Just like the long-stemmed flowers, this elevated look makes a tiny bathroom look artsy and elegant.

#6 Consider built-in storage and wall niches.

Create built-in shelves into the wall for towels and toiletries and shower niches for soap, shower gels, and bottles of hair products. The best thing about these built-in shelves is that they are like secret storage, especially if the enclosure uses the same tiles as the walls.

The shower niches, on the other hand, allow you to keep your frequently-used products at arm’s reach without taking up space. Using the same tiles is also recommended to make the niches look clean and uniform. 

#7 Invest in a big mirror.

A big mirror or mirroring one whole wall (or at least half) of your small bathroom can amplify the light and create the illusion of a larger space. Wall-to-wall mirrors also do the same thing by giving the illusion of spaciousness.

On the same note, you can also consider installing a mirror in an unconventional space, like the wall right next to the tub. Aside from making the tiny bathroom look stylish, this unconventional choice of placement also makes for a great conversation starter with guests. 


#8 Make use of corners and other awkward spaces.

Corners are perfect spaces for storage and even a sink. A rounded corner cabinet can add a whimsical vibe to the bathroom and add personality without hogging up much space. An awkward corner can also turn into a chic space by installing a small floating shelf to hold a small vase or scented candle.

On the other hand, a corner vanity sink gives you a lot of space and, well, a lot less to clean! A tiny corner sink can also be paired with a corner medicine cabinet with a mirror to create an illusion of a wider space.

#9 Install floating shelves and ledges.

white bathroom with floating shelves and ledges on top of toilet tank Floating shelves and ledges make use of extra spaces, like the space above the toilet.

Those pretty storage baskets are pleasing to the eye, but for tiny bathrooms, they can be quite a nuisance. And because they are on the floor, they can be tripping hazards too. Instead of using the floor for storage, install floating shelves and ledges instead.

Floating shelves and ledges are ideal for paper towels, washcloths, hand soaps, small plant pots, scented candles, and other products that you use daily. They are perfect for picture frames too. And because they are at arm's length, they are more convenient than baskets placed on the floor.

#10 Choose a large-scale wallpaper.

Tiny bathrooms do not mean you have to get wallpaper with little patterns. In fact, large-scale designs and patterns on wallpaper make the room feel larger. This illusionary scale in your small bathroom. So do not be afraid to pick bold prints and colors!

The same is true for tiles. Bathrooms usually have small square tiles, but replacing them with oversized square tiles will give an illusion of a wider area.