7 Health Benefits of Taking a Shower

Find out the many benefits of taking a daily shower.

blurred photo of man taking a showerCold morning showers are recommended for people who need an instant jolt of energy.

Taking a shower is not just about proper hygiene. It’s definitely more than just cleaning your hair and skin. In fact, showers have so many benefits to one’s health and well-being and have been proven by numerous studies.

If you’re the type to get up in the morning and immediately head to work or sleep without taking a shower, it’s time to change your routine. Here are the seven advantages of taking a shower every day:

1. Increases energy
2. Decreases anxiety
3. Increases productivity
4. Improves the immune system and blood circulation
5. Improves skin health
6. Helps relieve headaches
7. Boosts confidence

smiling man with tattoo inside the showerShowering has so many benefits, including increased productivity and boosted confidence.

#1 Increases energy

Showering increases energy as cold water is a natural pick-me-up. Cold showers have already been proven by science to improve energy levels and increase alertness

How does this happen? The sleep hormone melatonin reacts to the cold by dropping, making the body feel awake. Another reason for the increased alertness is the increased heart rate, blood circulation, and breathing rate. And this is especially the case with the best shower fixtures that can give impressive shower performance. For instance, SR Sunrise’s Ceiling-Mounted Shower System allows water to flow directly on top of the head, stimulating the scalp, allowing the blood to flow properly.

This is why if you want to start the day energized, make sure to take a cold shower before you go. If the weather's too cold to have one, let the cold water run after your warm shower.

#2 Decreases anxiety

As with having a spa day, taking a shower can also help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. A cold shower is very helpful in reducing depression and anxiety symptoms, as the cold water can send a stupendous amount of electrical impulses to the brain, giving an anti-depressive effect

On the other hand, a warm shower can naturally relax one's muscles and thoughts, much like having a personal meditation session. So warm showers are best done in the evening after a hard day’s work or right before going to bed.

Using a shower gel with the scent of your choice, lighting up candles, and putting on some relaxing music will also help promote relaxation and calmness.

#3 Increases productivity

As with increasing energy, cold showers can also help increase one’s productivity. People who start the day with a shower, especially those that routinely do this, tend to be more motivated for the day. And because showers can decrease anxiety, those thoughts slow down, leading to improved focus and concentration, which then enhances productivity.

Showering in the morning can also promote creativity, giving one some quiet and alone time with thoughts before starting the day. It gives you time to plan the day ahead and remember the things you want to accomplish for the day.

#4 Improves the immune system and blood circulation

Showering also improves the immune system and blood circulation. In fact, cold water can help improve cell damage and reduce the risk of getting some types of cancer. Cold morning showers stimulate the body to make new white blood cells, hence increasing immunity. On the other hand, warm showers can help improve the body’s immunity by dealing with the common cold and flu symptoms. 

Showers can also cause the blood to rush to the skin’s surface, allowing the blood to circulate properly. This is why people with conditions such as hypertension and varicose veins will benefit a lot from taking a shower every day. 

#5 Improves skin health

Of course, a daily shower can make your skin clean. However, it does more than that. Showers can balance the skin's natural oils and help improve skin problems like acne.

If your skin, both on the face and body, is prone to acne and other skin problems, start with a warm shower. These problems are usually caused by clogged pores filled with dirt, air pollution, and other toxins. Warm water can open up the pores allowing you to clean and unclog them. Finish off with a cold shower to close the pores and keep the skin smooth.

#6 Helps relieve headaches

Headaches and migraines are never fun, especially when they seem to never go away. Both are caused by narrow blood vessels, and an effective way to alleviate the pain is to take a warm or hot shower. Doing so reduces the pain-causing pressure on the head.

So if you frequently suffer from head pain, don't take aspirin just yet. Go safe and natural by taking a hot shower if the pain becomes too unbearable.

#7 Boosts confidence

Morning showers can also boost one's confidence. Feeling squeaky clean and energized can increase serotonin and norepinephrine levels, which are two hormones that stimulate the mood and give a happy feeling. With that said, showers can lead to improved confidence and an overall good mood for the rest of the day.

So if you, unfortunately, woke up on the wrong side of the bed, take a cold shower and allow your crankiness to transform into confidence and good vibes.

The takeaway

With all things considered, we can safely say that showers, whether hot or cold or done in the morning or evening, can improve one's overall well-being. It is a safer alternative to pain killers and other meds that promote relaxation.

Showering can also be made even more relaxing with the right shower systems. A rain shower head, for example, can give more soothing benefits. Water will flow directly on your head, stimulating the scalp, then on your body. In a warm shower, a rain shower head can keep the body warm at once and create more steam. And because it has a broader and full even coverage, you will just need to stand under the showerhead and relax.