7 Man Cave Bathroom Ideas

Transform your bathroom into an extension of your man cave with some design and decor ideas.

bathroom with black marble walls, tub and sinkBlack marble tiles are perfect for man cave bathrooms.

A man cave, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is a part of a home used by a man as a place to relax and pursue his hobbies away from the rest of his family. It can have multiple purposes too -- it’s a place where a man can be alone or to hang out with his friends or ‘bros.’ A man cave could be the garage, a spare bedroom, the attic, the basement, or even a treehouse.

A guy with a man cave is lucky and even luckier if it has its very own bathroom. It's every man's dream! It's the only place in the house where a guy can do his business in the toilet without having the kids or wife bother him. 

Man caves are supposed to be that living space in your house that exudes machismo, the bathroom included. So if you have not yet decorated your man cave bathroom into that personal dream space, here are seven ideas to inspire you:

  1. Upgrade to matte black shower fixtures.
  2. Go dark on the walls.
  3. Repurpose old whiskey barrels.
  4. Put up vintage wall decorations.
  5. Repurpose old tool boxes.
  6. Install an LED sign.
  7. Light up woody scented candles.

#1 Upgrade to matte black shower fixtures.

SR Sunrise's matte black ceiling-mounted shower system

SR Sunrise's matte black ceiling-mounted shower system is a man cave bathroom necessity!

What could be more manly than black shower fixtures? Aside from its elegance and beauty, the matte black finish complements all other masculine bathroom decors. They are undoubtedly the best shower fixtures for the ultimate man cave bathroom!

Shower sets in this finish also come in different styles. You can get a wall-mounted rain shower set, a ceiling-mounted rain shower set, or a set that comes with a tub spout. These modern shower sets are easy to clean and maintain and give an impeccable shower performance that can give you a relaxing shower every time.

#2 Go dark on the walls.

rust orange towels in a bathroom with gray tiles
Gray bathroom tiles on the wall look very manly and, at the same time, elegant.


Dark walls make any space darker and mysterious. And yes, it makes it look more like a cave, literally. Transform your bathroom into a literal extension of your man cave by painting the walls dark or replacing the common white tiles with darker ones.

It does not have to be black, though; there are other 'manly' colors to choose from. Some of the best hues include chocolate brown, gray, deep green, and navy blue.

#3 Repurpose old whiskey barrels.

rustic whiskey bottleThere are so many uses for these rustic barrels.

Old whiskey barrels are the best recycled decor for a man cave. For the bathroom, these barrels can be made into a vanity cabinet, a toiletry holder, or placed as a simple decor for that awkward space in the bathroom.

On the same note, you can also cut the barrel in half and use it as a laundry hamper or a stool when turned upside down. 

#4 Put up vintage wall decorations.

assorted American license plates hung on a wooden fenceOld license plates and store signs look perfect in any man cave bathroom.

Vintage wall decorations can also level up the manliness of your bathroom. Old signage, tin signs, and old license plates are good examples, and they can be bought in thrift stores, antique shops, or online. 

You can also create DIY vintage decors, especially if you are artistically gifted. Vintage-style paintings and drawings work just as well. 

#5 Repurpose old tool boxes.

wooden tool box on a white surfaceThose old tool boxes can be turned into something useful in the bathroom. | TurboSquid.com

Old tool boxes can be turned into bathroom decor and can effectively add some serious machismo vibes to the room. These boxes can be repurposed as toilet paper holders, toothbrush holders, or toiletry organizers.

On the same note, they can also be put up on the bathroom wall and installed with towel hooks. Now you have a towel rack with an organizer.

#6 Install an LED sign.

New York Taxi Cab LED sign in the darkLED signs give off a retro vibe and can double as complementary lighting in the bathroom.

Whether you are going for a futuristic space galaxy theme or a retro gaming theme, LED signs are the perfect lighting decor. You can get ones that you can program messages in or a LED sign made to look like the retro neon sign, like that in the photo above.

As an alternative, you can use LED strip lights in different colors to create the sign yourself. You can also use them to illuminate your mirror, or if you like to add some serious, futuristic feel, the toilet tank.

#7 Light up woody scented candles.

Black leather and smokey sandalwood scented candleBlack leather and smokey sandalwood indeed smell manly!

Scented candles aren't just for women! You can find candles that have a more manly scent, particularly those with a woody or leathery smell. These candles will not only create the perfect man cave ambiance, but they can also give ambient lighting during a relaxing bath or shower.

Aside from woody and leathery smells, other candle scents to look for are teakwood, tobacco, sage, oak, dark rum, and coffee. Indulge in an olfactory voyage of manly scent and sense exploration with these candles in your man cave bathroom.