7 Reasons Why Everyone Wants An All-White Bathroom

An all-white bathroom may actually not be boring at all!

spacious white bathroom with ambient lighting

White bathrooms always look clean and inviting.

White is the classic bathroom color palette and remains to be a favorite in the majority of homes. Although some may think that this color palette is dull and bland, there are many reasons why it remains popular.

If you think white is not striking enough for your tastes, allow us to change your mind. Here are seven reasons why many people love an all-white bathroom:

  1. White matches any fixture finish.
  2. An all-white bathroom is a blank canvas.
  3. This color palette is timeless.
  4. White can brighten up a windowless bathroom.
  5. Tiles and other bathroom accessories in white are more affordable.
  6. White automatically looks clean.
  7. It is a calming color.

#1 White matches any fixture finish.

SR Sunrise Dual 2-in-1 Shower System Combo with Tub SpoutWhite marble tiles complement any fixture, even matte black like SR Sunrise’s Dual 2-in-1 Shower System Combo with Tub Spout.

The best shower set and bathroom fixtures for an all-white bathroom are fixtures with basically any finish. White matches polished chrome, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and especially matte black. Matte black perfectly contrasts white, and these two hues go well together design-wise. 

With that said, shopping for shower fixtures will not be a problem because whatever you choose will match your white bathroom. 

#2 An all-white bathroom is a blank canvas.

Because it is a black canvas, you have the opportunity to add color and personality through decors or accessories. Hang some artwork, put some plant pots, or install shelves in a bright color. 

And if in the future you decide to sell your home or rent it out, your all-white bathroom can be a blank canvas for the new homeowners or renters. You allow them to personalize the space without the need for any major redesign or construction.

#3 This color palette is timeless.

White gives off a clean and crisp appearance. And because it's a minimalist color, it has the ability to become a timeless bathroom theme.

Timeless white is perfect for any bathroom theme. Whether you want to create a spa-like sanctuary, a modern minimalist haven, or a Victorian-style bathroom, white remains the ideal color palette to use.

#4 White can brighten up a windowless bathroom.

windowless all-white bathroomSee how the white walls reflect the light from the lighting fixtures in this windowless bathroom.

White can amplify natural light, so it’s the best color palette for windowless or small bathrooms. The light coming from lighting fixtures is able to bounce off the white tiles or walls, making the space seem brighter.

To make this even more effective, install lights that can be positioned right across the wall. If you plan to use white paint instead of white bathroom tiles, go for the highly reflective kind instead of a satin or matte finish.

#5 Tiles and other bathroom accessories in white are more affordable.

White tiles, paint, and bathroom accessories are usually more affordable than those with designs or patterns. They are pretty standard products and are generally always available.

Because these white products are in high demand, they are usually the stocked kind of items and have shorter lead times than products and accessories with different colors. So in case you need to replace a broken white tile, you can easily order online without having to wait for any restocking.

#6 White automatically looks clean.

Undoubtedly, white automatically looks clutter-free and squeaky clean. Spotting dirt is also easy, making cleaning all-white bathrooms a breeze.

Cleaning white tiles and walls is no problem with certain cleaning agents with bleach, and you don’t have to worry about staining the color, getting washed out, or looking old. 

#7 It is a calming color.

Finally, white is a calming color as it symbolizes clarity and freshness. Just like green and other neutral colors, white can de-stress you while having that long-overdue warm bath or shower. So if you’re having a rough day, make yourself feel good by spending some alone time in your all-white bathroom.

On the same note, the crisp vibe of an all-white bathroom can also set your whole morning’s tone. With that said, it can make you feel good and fresh and can give you that jolt of energy you need to start the day.