8 Bathroom Paint Color Ideas for Your Next Renovation

bathroom with creamy white walls Creamy white bathroom walls are perfect for homeowners who like neutral tones.

Do you know what the easiest and fun way to renovate your bathroom is? Paint your walls a whole new different color! Not only can this be a bonding experience for your partner or kids, but it can also help calm your nerves. In fact, some studies have found that redesigning the home can calm anxiety and nurture one’s mental health.

Painting the walls can also help improve your physical health, as it requires you to move your body, which can be considered a workout. Painting bathroom walls, then, can boost your happiness hormones. This is why it’s best done with your partner or the whole family, to make it a more enjoyable task.

So if you feel that your bathroom is not a relaxing or calming space, it’s time to paint a new color on those walls. Here are eight paint color ideas for your bathroom that you might want to consider:

  1. Charcoal
  2. Turquoise
  3. White
  4. Creamy White
  5. Taupe
  6. Olive Green
  7. Soft Gray
  8. Yellow

#1 Charcoal

One way to add a dramatic look to your bathroom is by adding a darker color. Charcoal is a good choice for the bathroom, as it looks sophisticated, elegant, and moody. It is a dusky shade associated with coal and other sedimentary rocks. Charcoal’s warm tones make it a versatile, gender-fluid color as well.

The best shower fixtures for this wall color are those with a matte black finish. Charcoal also pairs well with wooden accents like wooden cabinets, baskets, bathroom stools, and wooden bathtub caddies.

#2 Turquoise

Turquoise or teal walls may be too 80s for some people's tastes, but this blue-green hue is definitely perfect for the bathroom. It is reminiscent of the sea's color and gives the space some serious island vibes.

In the jewelry world, turquoise and silver or stainless steel look perfect with each other. That means a turquoise bathroom wall will complement stainless steel bath fixtures with a polished chrome finish and other steel decors.

#3 White

White is the classic bathroom style, so if you want to revert back to a vintage style, this is the hue to go for. Bright white walls look clean and sophisticated and can easily brighten up the room. This is why white is best for bathrooms with small windows or those that do not have windows at all.

Since white is a versatile color, it can complement any bathroom decor and fixtures. You can also add a pop of color by adding bright-colored decors like a flower vase.

#4 Creamy White

If white is a bit too bright for you, you can go less intense by choosing creamy white. This tone is white with a hint of buttery yellow, making it a warm, light color. This neutral tone is perfect for brightening up a bathroom without going too intense.

Creamy white is an earthy tone, making it perfect for matching wooden accents and indoor plants. It pairs well with pastel tones, too, like baby pink, baby blue, and lavender.

#5 Taupe

Taupe can be considered a darker version of creamy white. It’s a neutral color and can give the bathroom some warmth without being too bright or dark. This earthy color ranges from different shades -- it can go more on the brown side, which provides an earthy feel, or it can go grayish for a moodier modern look.

Just like any earth tone, taupe bathroom walls can match any wooden decors and complement indoor plants. It can also be matched with other neutral colors on the color wheel like white, black, and gray.

#6 Olive Green

Another earthy tone in this list is olive green. Green can immediately make you feel like you are outdoors, and it is a very relaxing color. Olive green, in particular, can calm one’s senses as it is not too bright nor too dark. It’s also the perfect green hue to match other nature-inspired colors like taupe, creamy white, sand, and brown.

If you do not like plants in the bathroom, painting your walls green can be a good alternative. The best shower fixtures that match olive green are those with an oil-rubbed bronze finish, as bronze is a gorgeous warm earthy color.

#7 Soft Gray

Light gray is another versatile, gender-fluid color. Others may think that it’s a dull color, but we believe otherwise. It’s a soothing hue that can complement both cool and warm colors. Soft gray looks gorgeous with pink, and it can look equally elegant with yellow too. 

Since soft gray goes well with everything, choosing your shower fixtures won’t be a challenge. You can get ones with a brushed nickel finish or go with the classic polished chrome. The same goes for your decors and other bathroom accessories.

#8 Yellow

Last but not least is yellow. Yellow is such a happy color even when muted down to a pastel hue. It's a sunshiny, cheery color that can uplift moods and can make your bathroom more welcoming. Yellow walls, like white, can make the bathroom look bigger as well.

Yellow is a warm tone, so the best bathroom fixtures to match yellow walls are oil-rubbed bronze, matte black, and brushed nickel. As for decors, wooden accessories and bathroom furniture are perfect for this wall color.