8 Kid-Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas

These bathroom makeover ideas for kids are stylish and functional.

grandma giving her grandson a bath in the tubMake bath time a fun and learning experience for kids with a few bathroom design ideas.

When you have kids, bath time can be pretty challenging, especially with the younger ones. Some may have a fear of bathing or ablutophobia and water, as this is a common phobia among toddlers, as kids this age are hyper-aware of their surroundings. Other kids may just be too busy with their toys that they won't budge even for a quick bath.

This can all change by changing how your bathroom looks by redesign. However, decorating can be quite challenging if you share the space with the kids, especially if you do not want to mess with your aesthetic. Kids do not like a "boring" bathroom! Thankfully, there are ways to solve this design dilemma.

Here are 8 kid-friendly bathroom design ideas that will inspire you to redecorate without having to worry about messing up your bathroom aesthetic:

  1. Upgrade to a dual shower system.
  2. Repurpose a dish drying rack.
  3. Invest in sturdy step tools.
  4. Install a pivot mirror.
  5. Install multiple hooks.
  6. Hang wooden letters.
  7. Get storage baskets.
  8. Hang fun artwork on the walls.

#1 Upgrade to a dual shower system.

Matte Black Dual 2-in-1 Shower System with Tub Spout from SR Sunrise

A dual shower system like SR Sunrise's Matte Black Dual 2-in-1 Shower System with Tub Spout will not just make it easier for you to bathe kids, but it will also make bath time fun. Using a fixed shower head is tricky, and you might not be able to rinse them properly. Some kids may be scared of the shower. On the other hand, a handheld showerhead will make rinsing easier, and giving kids the freedom to use it for playing will also encourage them to frequently take a bath.

Upgrading to the best shower set from SR Sunrise will not mess up your bathroom aesthetic because it comes in an elegant matte black finish. But you can also get sets in a different finish like brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.

#2 Repurpose a dish drying rack.

Dish Drying Rack from SR Sunrise

A portable stainless steel dish drying rack is perfect for toothbrush time. If your bathroom sink is wide, you cover half of it with the rack and place their toiletries on it without having them fall to the sink. It's also ideal for putting toys to encourage the kids to brush their teeth or use the rack to dry their bath toys. Functional and aesthetic indeed!

SR Sunrise's Dish Drying Rack is perfect because it's not your typical sink rack. This one is made of stainless steel pipes that can be adjusted in length by rolling them up or simply removing them from the food-grade silicone connector. The stainless steel pipes are rust-proof, easy to clean, and sturdy enough to hold up to 70 pounds in weight.

#3 Invest in sturdy step tools.

Little kids cannot reach the sink yet, so buying them their own step tool is important to make brushing their teeth a fun experience. It can also be used for potty training or for adults when giving the kids a bath.

Plastic step tools may not be a good choice because they can look cheap and might break easily. To go with your bathroom's theme, get ones made of wood. You have the option to have it painted with your kid's preferred color to add a whimsical vibe to them without having to completely stray away from the theme.

#4 Install a pivot mirror.

Pivot mirrors allow little kids to see themselves even when in the absence of a step stool. This is very useful during toothbrush time and for teaching them how to groom themselves. Plus, you can make funny faces with them in the mirror to keep them entertained.

On the same note, pivot mirrors are pretty useful for adults too. They make shaving facial hair easier and also for applying makeup. This is definitely a win-win product!

#5 Install multiple hooks.

three beige towels hanging from three black towel hooks on the bathroom wall

Multiple hooks are very handy for hanging stuff like towels, bath sponges, and some toiletries. These hooks are available in many different designs and even ones that are appealing to kids. But of course, you can stick with the usual chrome ones if you are worried about messing up the bathroom aesthetic.

Hooks can be fun for kids by using them for hanging toys, so they are in the kids' sight. Alternatively, they can also be used for hanging a tablet or mobile phone, so you can play children's videos or play fun music during bath time. 

#6 Hang wooden letters.

Wooden letters are great minimalist bathroom decors. Get the first letter of your kids' names and hang it up on the wall next to their bathroom stuff or their very own towel hook. You can also spell their names using smaller versions, but this is only recommended for big bathrooms. Otherwise, your walls are going to look busy and cluttered.

These letters do not have to be wooden. You can also get ones made of metal or those with a vintage design. Black steel is perfect for matching matte black shower fixtures, while plain steel is ideal for matching polished chrome.

#7 Get storage baskets.

green and orange storage boxes

Storage baskets serve many purposes. First of all, they are aesthetically pleasing. Next, they help make the space look organized and clean. Storage baskets also come in many different sizes and designs, so you can easily pick ones that complement your bathroom theme.

Make it interesting for kids by decorating their own basket that best fits their personalities. For example, you can tie a ribbon of their favorite color or hang a small toy on the basket handle. Storage baskets are easily customizable, so when it comes to organizing, they are the best choice.

#8 Hang fun artwork on the walls.

A fun way to decorate bare tile walls is by hanging some artwork. It does not have to be a cartoon poster; as long as it can catch your kids' attention, it is a good enough choice.

To avoid clashing with the bathroom's aesthetic, one safe artwork to get is an abstract painting in the same color palette as your bathroom. Abstract animal paintings or flowers are great choices too. The artwork can be a fun distraction for kids, especially ones that might be scared of bath time.