Best Bathroom Fixtures and Tools for Dog Parents

Need to upgrade your bathroom for a better bathing experience for your dog babies? Here’s a list of the bathroom fixtures and tools you’ll need.

wet puppy in white bath tub
Make bath time fun for your dog and less of a chore for you with the best shower fixtures and tools.

Science already proved that dogs are good for your health, particularly your heart. A comprehensive review of studies made between 1950 and 2019 has found that dog parents had a lower risk of dying due to cardiovascular diseases. Dog owners have healthier hearts, lower blood pressure levels, and improved responses to stress.

Spending time with your canine companions also does wonders for you physically and emotionally. Dogs make people happier and help them cope with a crisis, like the current pandemic. So it’s no wonder that dog owners treat dogs like their babies.

And just like kids, giving dogs a bath can be a battle! Since going outside to have them groomed may not be the best option now, bathing and grooming them is best done at home.

How often should I bathe my dog?

Bathing dogs differ among dog parents. Some follow a strict routine -- bathing and grooming their fur babies once every week. Others, however, prefer to bathe their dogs only when they begin to smell. But the truth is, bathing dogs depends on their breed, lifestyle, and length of coat.

In general, short-haired dogs with no skin problems can survive a monthly full bath with weekly rubdowns with a grooming glove or towel. Bathing them more frequently than that can strip their natural oils, and they may develop chronically dry and itchy skin. So a bath once every two to three months is good, considering that you give them rubdowns every time they get dirty from playing in the yard.

blonde woman bathing golden retriever in bath tub with shower head
Doggie bath time can be faster with the right bathroom fixtures.

But is investing in bathroom fixtures and tools for your dog worth it?

Yes. There are many benefits to getting your canine babies their very own bathing station in your bathroom. This is especially true for pooches who are afraid of bath time. Some can be anxious and nervous and will only feel comfortable bathed with tools that make them feel comfortable. Some fixtures also make bathing much easier for you, especially if you are a parent of big dogs.

What are the bathroom fixtures and tools for dog parents?

The best shower fixtures and tools can make doggie bath time faster and more fun. Here are 7 bathroom must-haves for every dog parent:

  1. Dual 2-in-1 shower system combo with tub spout
  2. Small bathtub
  3. Shower caddy or basket
  4. Small chair
  5. Bathroom toys
  6. Absorbent bath mats
  7. Blow dryer

#1 Dual 2-in-1 shower system combo with tub spout

The best shower system for a home with dogs is a dual 2-in-1 shower system combo with a tub spout. This set from SR Sunrise, in particular, includes a handheld showerhead with 35 different functions. So if your dog is scared of high water pressure, you can use the mist function. Another good feature is the shower hose that is six feet long and can reach the other end of the tub.

This 2-in-1 shower set also comes with a metal tub spout with a brass rod for easy opening and closing for when your pup wants to enjoy a doggie bubble bath.

#2 Small bathtub

puppy in blue round bath tub
Dog bathtubs come in many shapes and sizes.

Small doggie bathtubs are ideal for puppies or small breed dogs. These tiny pups can be difficult to bathe in the big tub because it’s too slippery for both the dogs and you. You just need to place it right beside the big one so the handheld shower can still reach it. 

Small plastic bathtubs are also easier to clean and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The best shape, however, is rectangular to accommodate your pup comfortably. These tubes come with built-in drains, textured bottoms to prevent slipping, and molded compartments for doggie bath accessories. 

#3 Shower caddy or basket

black basket caddy with toiletries
Keep your doggie bath accessories organized and place them in a caddy or basket.

Bottles of dog soap and shampoo, fur brush, grooming gloves, and other accessories will need an organizer. Otherwise, bottles might spill, fur brushes might break, or worse, you or your dog might trip over them.

Getting a shower caddy or basket will hold all your doggie bathroom necessities, making them easy to hold around, and you are never at a loss. It keeps the bathroom look uncluttered, and you won't confuse your dog's bathroom necessities with yours.

#4 Small chair

wooden bathroom stool with folded white towels on top
A shower chair serves many functions.

Giving your pup a bath in the tub will require you to squat or kneel, hurting your back and knees in the long run. So a small chair is essential to make bathing easy, especially with uncooperative dogs.

Shower chairs are incredibly useful as they lessen the chance of you falling in the shower or bath. They can also double as your caddy or basket stand or use it as a towel holder when not in use.

#5 Bathroom toys

Chihuahua with his toysThis chihuahua won’t take a bath without his toys!

Dogs are just like toddlers when it comes to bath time. They need some kind of distraction to keep them busy and giving them their favorite bath toys is the perfect diversion. This is especially the case for uncooperative or nervous pooches.

A good tip for this is to spread some peanut butter on your dog’s favorite toys or even the bathroom tiles so you can lather and rinse them off without turning bath time into a losing battle every time.

#6 Absorbent bath mats

bathroom with brown furry ragBathroom mats or rugs help dry your dogs easier and add a pop of color too.

Bath mats or rugs provide an anti-slip surface for you and your dog after a bath. It can also help dry your dog’s fur faster as these mats can soak up excess water and splashes effectively. And yes, they feel so good on your and your dog’s feet!

High-quality absorbent mats are mildew-free, making your bath space more hygienic. They also double as bathroom decor, as they can add a pop of color. 

#7 Blow dryer

person blow drying wet dogBlow drying your wet dogs will prevent them from getting hot spots.

Last on the list is a blow dryer. This tool is a necessity for doggie baths because blow drying your dog’s fur will prevent hot spots or acute moist dermatitis and cowlicks. Drying their fur with a towel won’t be enough, especially during colder weather. Just make sure that you set your blow dryer to the lowest possible heat setting.

Blow dryers can also improve your dog’s appearance and keep his coat shiny, especially for breeds with long hair.