How to Design the Perfect Bathroom for Kids

Get inspiration from these design tips on how to achieve a beautiful and practical kid-friendly bathroom.

happy mother rubbing little daughter with big white towel in the bathroom

Whether you are a family with kids moving into a new home or simply getting upgrades, you will need to consider how you will design your kids’ bathroom. It has to look clean, fun, and at the same time, functional. And of course, these upgrades should all stay within budget as much as possible.

If you’re racking your brain on how to achieve all these things, here are some tips to consider for achieving the perfect kids’ bathroom:

  1. Make your kids’ bathroom stylish but easy to clean.
  2. Add fun style elements but stay practical.
  3. Make it a safe place for kids.
  4. Consider your kids' needs.
  5. Think about the bathroom's value.

#1 Make your kids’ bathroom stylish but easy to clean.

brushed nickel shower fixtures from SR SunriseBrushed nickel shower fixtures are easy to clean and can match any bathroom theme.


One way to make the bathroom look stylish is to upgrade the shower fixtures. The best shower set to get is one that comes with rain showerheads that provide strong air and water flow. Modern showerheads can immediately add elegance to the bathroom because of their design. And the best thing about it is it’s easy to clean. For instance, SR Sunrise’s Brushed Nickel Handheld Showerhead & Rain Shower Combo Set features showerheads with self-cleaning medical TPE nozzles. It also comes with a semi-matte finish that does not show fingerprints, smudges, and water stains.

Another way to add style to the kids’ bathroom is to provide laundry hampers and ample storage. That way, kids won’t have to bring their dirty laundry back to their bedrooms and can keep their toiletries organized inside storage cabinets. You won’t have to worry about telling them to clean their messy bathroom all the time.

#2 Add fun style elements but stay practical.

Because it’s a kids’ bathroom, you have to consider a fun and playful design. Choose wallpaper that comes in their favorite color and patterns, like animals, flowers, or galaxy-inspired images. Wallpaper is pretty affordable, and they are easy to install, so it’s definitely more practical than replacing and installing wall or floor tiles.

You can also consider providing storage for their bath toys and easy-to-reach towel racks and shelves. This additional storage shouldn't be too hard on the pockets, and they are not space-consuming.

#3 Make it a safe place for kids.

Aside from adding fun design elements, you also have to make sure that it is safe enough for kids. Furniture has to be kid-friendly; for instance, it should not have sharp edges that might injure kids or are too high that will make kids reach for objects that might make them slip and fall. On the same note, the bathroom fixtures you will upgrade with should also be durable enough that they won’t easily break.

Another way to ensure safety is to place slip-resistant mats on the floors if the bathroom tiles become too slippery when wet. You can get ones in fun designs and in their favorite colors to add fun elements to the bathroom. 

#4 Consider your kids' needs.

small child washing hands in sink
Provide durable step stools for little kids that are not yet tall enough to reach the sink.


As mentioned earlier, furniture and bathroom fixtures must be just the right size for the child. You can either purchase furniture meant for kids’ use or have one custom-made. Such examples include the vanity sink, countertop, and cabinets. You can also provide sturdy non-slip step stools if some storage space and the sink are still high enough for them to reach.

If you have multiple kids that use the bathroom, you can opt for a design that separates the toilet area, vanity space, and shower. Doing so allows multiple kids to be in the bathroom all at the same time, which is pretty useful when getting ready for school. Curtains will do the trick or create movable and functional dividers using storage.

#5 Think about the bathroom's value.

Lastly, you should also consider the bathroom’s resale value in case you decide to sell the home in the future. Aside from upgrading to modern shower fixtures, installing double sinks will also be a huge selling point in your home. They are perfect for bigger families with kids that will most likely use the bathroom at the same time. 

When it comes to color palettes, choose fun, gender-neutral ones. An all-pink bathroom may turn off potential buyers that have boys. Go for yellow, green, and other muted colors so the future homeowner of your home won’t have to worry about changing the color.

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