How to Market SR Sunrise Ceiling-Mounted Shower Sets

SR Sunrise's OIL RUBBED BRONZE CEILING MOUNTED SHOWER SYSTEMSR Sunrise Ceiling-Mounted Shower Systems are an excellent choice for a bathroom upgrade.

The ceiling-mounted rain shower system is one of the best bathroom fixtures for a much-needed bathroom upgrade. However, some may believe that a ceiling-mounted shower set may not be necessary, and a regular showerhead is enough. As a seller of shower systems, you have to persuade people why a ceiling-mounted showerhead is the best upgrade they can ever make for their bathroom.

In most showrooms and shops, shower fixtures are not operational. This is understandable, as the cleaning up and water use can add more expenses to your business. A functional shower display can effectively do the selling for you, but if this is not an option, you have to come up with marketing strategies to sell your products. 

Selling SR Sunrise ceiling-mounted shower sets is relatively easy, as they are the best shower system one can get for their home today. They are made of good-quality materials that will last for years and are aesthetically pleasing. But for skeptical shoppers, you must be able to break them by convincing them that these fixtures are worth their purchase. 

Here are the four ways to market SR Sunrise ceiling-mounted shower systems:

1. Showcase the shower system's sleek design.
2. Present customers with various sizes and finishes to choose from.
3. Let them know about the fixtures' impeccable performance.
4. Showcase the shower set's main features and the benefits of getting one.

#1 Showcase the shower system's sleek design.

BRUSHED NICKEL CEILING MOUNTED SHOWER SYSTEMSR Sunrise shower sets feature a chic, modern style.

SR Sunrise’s shower systems feature sleek, modern design, and this feature is a great selling point. They boast a minimalist style that can fit any bathroom theme. The brand’s shower fixtures also feature an R-angle design so the sharp-looking edges can prevent bruising or cuts. And unlike the traditional ones, these chic shower sets are a stand-out and can transform any bathroom into a relaxing place to take showers.

#2 Present customers with various sizes and finishes to choose from.


The set with the brushed nickel finish is one of the current best-selling sets.

After showing them the design, let your potential customers see the different available sizes and finishes. SR Sunrise's ceiling-mounted show systems come in 10, 12, and 16-inch rain showerheads. The different finishes include polished chrome, matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, and brush nickel. Help them pick the right set by basing on the size of their bathroom and its color palette and theme.

#3 Let them know about the fixtures' impeccable performance.

Difference between SR Sunrise’s showerhead and the other brands

See the difference between SR Sunrise’s showerhead and the other brands.

SR Sunrise's shower fixtures are created to give the best shower experience. The valves include a pressure balancer that can provide high water pressure and flow. The faucets are easy to turn on and off, and the handheld showerheads come with long hoses. 

#4 Showcase the shower set's main features and the benefits of getting one.

SR Sunrise MATTE BLACK CEILING MOUNTED SHOWER SYSTEMSR Sunrise’s ceiling-mounted shower system boasts amazon features that other systems do not have.

Aside from the amazing performance of the shower set, show off the benefits it can provide. Here are the main features that you should mention to shoppers:

  • Water-saving feature
  • Unlike the traditional showerheads, ceiling-mounted rain showerheads save more water. SR Sunrise’s ceiling-mounted showerheads usually release less than two and a half gallons of water per minute, while the older showerheads give off around five and a half gallons per minute. The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency recommends using no more than two gallons of water a minute.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • SR Sunrise shower sets are easy to use. Aside from the sleek design, they are easy to turn on and off, and cleaning the fixtures is a breeze. With that said, SR Sunrise’s high-efficiency shower systems are low maintenance, allowing customers to save money in the long run.

  • Wider coverage and movable head
  • Perhaps the most amazing feature of SR Sunrise’s ceiling-mounted showerheads is their wide coverage. Unlike a regular shower, these movable showerheads are directly above, so water falls on top of the head, hitting every part of the body. There is no need to twist or turn or even crouch. 

  • Versatility
  • Designwise, SR Sunrise shower sets have a versatile style -- they can be installed in a bathroom with any type of theme, be it minimalist, steampunk, or vintage. When it comes to functions, you can choose to use the ceiling-mounted shower head or the handheld one depending on your mood.

  • Perfect for virtually any type of household
  • SR Sunrise’s ceiling-mounted shower sets are perfect for any type of household. It's suitable for bachelors and bachelorettes, couples, big families, and families with dogs. In fact, the handheld shower with a long hose is ideal for bathing dogs as well. 

  • An overall relaxing shower experience
  • Upgrading to SR Sunrise’s ceiling-mounted shower will give your customers a very relaxing shower experience because of its impeccable performance, the feeling of raindrops on the head, and of course, its aesthetics. It will remind them of a day in the spa or a tropical getaway in a waterfall. The strong flow of water is relaxing on the skin, and its wide coverage allows them to rinse the soap off the skin faster and easier, saving up on more water.

    The takeaway

    Understanding your customers and their preferences when it comes to their showering needs is very important. Ask what they want and provide them with a variety of options. You need to be careful not to push a product so much on them, though. Otherwise, they’ll be leaving your store.

    Providing other options when they say no to a particular set can help. If they feel a ceiling-mounted showerhead is not for them, offer the wall-mounted sets. If they are not fans of rain showerheads, show them the dual 2-in1 shower system combo. It’s all about encouraging customers to check out all your products and helping them determine the best shower set for their home.