Using clean water to bathe is essential to prevent your body from bacteria. However, if your shower arm and the head are dirty, rusty, or moist, it might contaminate your water.


And you might wish to change your shower head and arm because of other reasons. Maybe it has worn out, or you want to upgrade the bathroom to blend with other amenities.


You can handle it by yourself without inviting a pro or spending much money. Try to follow the below steps to change your shower head and arm by yourself easily.


You will need specific tools to change your shower head and arm. However, the tools you need depend on the unit you want to change.


The tools you need are a screwdriver, plumbing tape, lock pliers, plumbing tape, protection glasses, rubber gloves, rag or old towel, and a new shower head and arm. Having all these tools ready before you work on your shower head will make your work easier.


It is time to get to work.


Step 1


You will need to stop the water from running to the bathroom. Try to locate your water shut-off valve and shut it off. Getting the shut-off valve location might vary, but it is usually behind a wall panel or beneath the sink in your bathroom.


Step 2

Take off the showerhead


The next step is to remove the showerhead gently. Grip it with the lock pliers, turn it slowly in a counterclockwise manner.


If you observe that the head is covered with scale, get a bowl and soak it with vinegar. It will make it easier for you to remove the showerhead.


Step 3

The shower arm


After you have removed the showerhead, the next thing is to grab the shower arm with your old towel. Then, use your two hands and twist them to your left side.


The essence of using the old towel or rag is to give you a chance to grip it well. Try not to use much force because it may damage something.


Step 4

Fix your new shower arm


After removing the old shower arm, clean your pipe and be ready to fix a new shower arm that you bought.


Although before installing the shower arm, use your plumbing tape and wrap it around the shower head's threads. You can wrap it twice before fixing it into the wall to create a seal that will prevent leaks in your wall.


You can now set the wrapped mouth to the shower pipe that is on the wall. Turn it to the right, then tighten it with your hands gently. Once you are through with it, you have successfully installed your shower arm.


Step 5

Installation of the showerhead


After the successful installation of your shower arm, it's time to install your shower head. You still need to use your plumbing tapes here; tape the shower arm's threaded part.


Then install your shower head; hold it gently and turn it clockwise. Ensure that it is locked with the shower arm; if you notice it is not tight, you can use adjustable pliers to fit it.


Step 6


This is the last step. After you have carefully followed the above steps. You need to test what you have installed to know if you have installed it correctly.


Try to turn on the water to know if there is any leaking part. If there is none, you have completed your installation. But if you notice any leaks, try to remove the showerhead and adjust the tape. You either add the plumbing tapes to your shower arm's thread or adjust it and tight it.


Once it is no longer leaking, the showerhead is set for use. You have installed a new shower head and arm by yourself.