How to Upgrade Your Shower Experience

Here are seven tips to make your showering more relaxing.

close up photo of bearded man taking a shower

According to medical experts, showering can increase one’s alertness and improve energy levels, especially with cold water. That is why showering in the morning can effectively give you that much-needed jolt to face the day. On the other hand, a hot shower before bed can relieve respiratory problems and relax the muscles, which can soothe you mentally and physically.

But what if your shower does not provide you with a relaxing experience? 

No worries, as here are the seven ways that you can easily upgrade your shower experience in the morning and at night:

  1. Upgrade your showerhead.
  2. Declutter your bathroom.
  3. Do some intense cleaning.
  4. Install some ambient lighting.
  5. Get scented candles.
  6. Use shower gels in your favorite scent.
  7. Play some music.

#1 Upgrade your showerhead.

woman taking a shower using Polished Chrome Wall-Mounted Shower System from SR SunriseRain showers can immediately give you that spa-like feeling in your bathroom.


Are you still using the old type of showerhead? Are the nozzles filled with stubborn gunk? If your answer is yes to the two questions, it’s time you get the long-overdue upgrade. Get one with a rain shower head like SR Sunrise’s Polished Chrome Wall-Mounted Shower System. This is the best shower system to get if you are on a budget but want luxurious and aesthetic shower fixtures.

But if rain shower heads are not your type, you can upgrade to a shower system with the same traditional look but has a much better performance. SR Sunrise’s Matte Black Dual 2-in-1 Shower System Combo with Tub Spout features circular shower heads but provides a strong water flow, a 35-function shower faucet, and consumes only 1.75 gallons per minute. This set also comes in other colors, so you can choose what best matches your bathroom’s aesthetic.

#2 Declutter your bathroom.

white bathroom wall with floating shelf and towel hooks Wall hooks serve many purposes and can help declutter your bath space.

Nothing makes a bathroom look dirty than toiletries, empty shampoo bottles, and disorganized towels. You can definitely not get a relaxing shower if your surroundings are cluttered. Get rid of those empty bottles as soon as possible, arrange your toiletries and beauty products in a drawer, a cabinet, or a storage shelf, and hang those towels in towel hooks.

You can also invest in bathroom storage shelves to keep items clean and organized. If space is a problem, you can make use of that empty space under the sink. You can also make use of the walls by installing shelves and hooks.

#3 Do some intense cleaning.

woman in protective equipment cleaning the window Make sure to clean even the bathroom windows.

After decluttering, it’s time you do some intense cleaning. Deep cleaning does not just make the bathroom look clean but also allows you to get rid of all that potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. Put on some rubber gloves and a face mask, and get those disinfectant cleaners and bleach out!

Focus on hard-to-reach areas like the back of the toilet bowl, the corners, and the nooks and crannies of the bathtub if you have one. Don’t forget the windows as well as the door. Disinfect areas regularly touched, like the doorknobs, light switches, faucets, and the sink.

#4 Install some ambient lighting.

modern bathroom with ambient lightingSpotlights are perfect for illuminating areas like the shower and the sink.


Nothing beats the warmth of natural light. However, you cannot achieve this at other times of the day, especially if your bathroom is not on the east or west side or does not have a window at all. Luckily, you can use lighting fixtures to achieve this. 

Warm light bulbs are the best ones for ambient lighting and look really good when combined with cool white bulbs. As for the fixtures themselves, the best ones to use in the bathroom are wall sconces, chandeliers, recessed lights, and spotlights. Spotlights are perfect for creating ambiance in the shower; turn off all the other lights and only keep them on. It is also best to use LED bulbs instead of fluorescent lights because the former uses less energy, does not emit heat, and requires less maintenance.

#5 Get scented candles.

bathtub with a caddy and scented candles on the floor Scented candles not only take you to a relaxing olfactory experience but also provide ambient lighting.


Now that you have the perfect lighting, it’s time to focus on the olfactory senses. If warm lighting sets the ambiance, good smells can effectively set the mood. In fact, aromatherapy can reduce one’s anxiety levels, making scented candles effective stress and odor busters.

These candles can also provide ambient lighting if you think installing new lighting fixtures is way off your budget. As for the scents, the best ones to get are citrus, mint, fruity, and lavender. Of course, it’s also best to pick scents that are perfect for the season. For example, peppermint and lavender are perfect for the cold seasons, while citrus and other fruity aromas are ideal for warmer weather. 

#6 Use shower gels in your favorite scent.

two green dispensers on shower system shelf Shower gels can complement your scented candles.

To level up your olfactory experience, use a scented shower gel instead of a regular bar soap. Just like scented candles, these gels can provide you with a relaxing shower. They are much easier to use than bar soap, too; you'll just have to pump some out into a loofah and scrub away.

As for the scents, you can choose ones that will match your scented candles. That way, the smells will complement each other and not create scent chaos that will give you a splitting headache instead of a relaxing experience.    

#7 Play some music.

black portable BlueTooth speaker on window ledgeA wireless BlueTooth speaker is the safest way to play your favorite tunes in the bathroom.


Lastly, playing your favorite songs can effectively level up your shower experience. In fact, medical studies found that listening to music can ease stress and anxiety. Your favorite tunes can help you enjoy your bath more and put you in a much better mood. Much like singing in the shower, music creates a positive energy that invades your body and brain.

Make sure to use a wireless BlueTooth speaker and place it on the window sill or sink countertop away from the shower. Do not use wired speakers to prevent electric shocks and other hazards.