At SR SUNRISE, we’re redefining the way homeowners shop for products. A home is more than simply four walls and a roof. The right products, partnerships and expert advice and the home can speak volumes about the
owner’s personality, taste and style.

Become a part of SUNRISE’s Influencer Program, a community of passionate, talented influencers who inspire, share and connect with those in the interior design field and homeowners looking to make their space a reflection of their lifestyle.

In addition to partnering with SR SUNRISE and receiving invitations to be featured on our web properties, our influencers are eligible to participate in the following opportunities:
• Social media exposure from SR SUNRISE and affiliated partners 
• Involvement in exciting campaigns (design projects and challenges, hosted events and more)
• Paid social advertising placements
• Complimentary product(s)
• Featured in email communications to SUNRISE’s homeowner audience highlighting ideas, product information, promotions and expert advice. 

Interested in joining our Influencer Program? Fill out the information list below and email us at

  1. Name: 
  2. Business/Blog URL: 
  3. Social media URL:
  4. Email& Phone number: 
  5. Mail address: 
  6. Monthly Page Views (Approximately):
  7. Please describe your project:
  8. Projected Timeline and Budget: 
  9. How will you promote the project and feature SUNRISE? Will this content be dedicated? *
  10. What will you be asking SUNRSIE to provide in exchange?*
  11. What brands or products are you interested in featuring? *
  12. Are you working with or planning to work with any other partners? If so, who? 
  13. Can you provide professional, high-resolution imagery for SUNRISE and affiliated partners to use on marketing channels? *
  14. Are you working with any press or editorial partners to promote this project? If so, who?


• Your blog / social profiles must cover: interior design, home improvement or similar topic area.
• Your blog / social profiles must not feature offensive material.
• Your blog / social profiles must have a minimum of 7,500 followers on one channel and at least a 5% or
 higher engagement rate.
• Your blog / social profiles must have ability to track partnership's success and incorporate trackable evergreen product links.

• Sponsored posts, product reviews and giveaways should make up less than 25% of your blog / social profiles’ content.

• You must be able to provide professional, high-resolution imagery or video assets for SR SUNRISE and partners to use on marketing assets.
• You must be able to provide at least 1-2 mood board images for your project(s) in mind.