Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

$202 $263
  • Workstation Sink with Rail: Sink with step for cutting board, dish drying rack, plastics colander; the step height is 25mm, which prevents water from the chopping board from running onto the countertop. You can slide accessories over the sink to transform the sink into a workspace without taking up space on the kitchen counter.
  • High Quality 304 Grade Stainless Steel: Heavy duty stainless steel construction is used inside the sink and the surface is brushed finish;durable and corrosion-resistant, rust- and dent-resistant. The stainless steel sink silicone mat protects the surface of the sink and won't rust in the long run for a better experience.
  • Upgraded design: The panel thickness is 2.0mm(0.079''), many on the market is only 1.05mm(0.043''), stable and firm, not easy to deform; the four edges of the bottom of the basin, the four edges of the basin gallbladder and the four corners of the steps are R10 smooth arc, safe and does not hurt your hands, easy to clean.
  • Hidden Downspout: The bottom of the sink has an X-shaped backflow line for quick drainage, avoiding water pooling in the sink. Gently press it to lock it and store water quickly, cover the flat lid to hide the drain perfectly and make the sink more beautiful.
  • Dual Noise Reduction Technology: Anti-Condensation Layer and Sound Deadening Pad minimizes noise and reduces condensation. The sound deadening mat is much larger than the ones on the market and has a more pronounced noise reduction effect. Say goodbye to kitchen noise and make kitchen work more comfortable.
  • Exterior Size: The sink measures 32 '' x 19 '' x 10 '', and the basin liner has a 90° design on the sides and bottom to maximize the capacity of the basin bottom.

Technical Details