10 Ways To Have A Minimalist Bathroom

Are you tired of a cluttered bathroom? Here are five basic and five advanced ways you can transform your bathroom into a clean, minimalist bath space that you’ll enjoy.

minimalist bathroom with white tub

Transform your bathroom into a minimalist space of beauty in your home.

What exactly is minimalism? As defined by Merriam-Webster, minimalism is generally a technique or style characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity. It is rooted in an art movement in the 1960s and later expanded into the design and architecture usually characterized by reductive design elements and a monochromatic color palette.

A minimalist interior design is similar to modern interior design, which involves using just the bare essentials in creating a simple, liveable, uncluttered space while remaining functional.  

So if you think your bathroom looks cluttered even after cleaning and are very embarrassed to allow guests to use it, minimalism is the way to go. 

A minimalist bathroom is not that challenging to achieve. Basically, you have to keep the area clean and free of clutter. So if you’re ready to let go of your bathroom’s old look, try the five basic ways to create a minimalist, functional bathroom:

5 Basic Ways To Create a Minimalist Bathroom

white bathroom

Soaking in a tub in a clean, minimalist bathroom can take all the day's stress (and dirt) away!

  1. Start with getting all the moveable stuff out of the bathroom, a.k.a. products and small appliances that you have not used for at least a month and most likely never will. This also includes hotel samples you’ve brought from vacations, your busted hair blower, and that empty bottle of expensive shower gel that you were too lazy to throw away. Believe us, decluttering feels so good!
  1. Segregate seldomly-used items in a box and place them in a cabinet or closet. And if you are a sentimental person, you can keep the empty bottles and other bathroom stuff that you don’t have the heart to throw away in the same box as well. But we suggest that you throw this stuff away as well in the near future. As Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo's 6th rule of tidying states, if it does not spark joy, let it go.
white bathroom sink with black faucet

A clean bathroom sink and countertop free is very lovely to look at.

  1. Keep all surfaces clear! Remove toiletries, your hairbrush, and your razor off the countertop and the bathtub. These items can all be placed in a drawer, behind the mirror,  or in the cabinet below the sink. You can also provide a small storage box for these items if there is enough space in the bathroom.
  1. Make sure to create ample storage spaces to keep all toiletries and other items hidden from plain sight. So if these storage spaces are full of stuff you do not use, either throw them away or keep them in your seldomly-used-items box.
  1. Make sure to clean and disinfect regularly. Wipe surfaces daily and spray some liquid disinfectant on the toilet bowl, the shower, and the bathtub. Keeping your bath space spotless and sanitized is essential for you and your family’s health, considering the current health crisis.

If you think these five basic ways are not enough to turn your bathroom into a minimalist space, try these five advanced tips below:

5 Advanced Ways To Create a Minimalist Bathroom

Wall-Mounted Rainfall Shower System in Matte Black from SR Sunrise

Wall-Mounted Rainfall Shower System in Matte Black from SR Sunrise

  1. Invest in modern bathroom fixtures and replace those chunky old ones. Today, most of the shower fixtures feature modern minimalist designs and are incredibly space-saving, like the thin wall-mounted rain showerheads. However, make sure to get the best shower set that fits your and your family’s needs, and do not just rely on the aesthetics. These shower fixtures are very easy to purchase online.
  1. Go for white walls. If you do not like white, light colors like pastel and neutral tones will do. Light-colored walls make spaces feel airier and wider and create uniformity, especially if your bathroom fixtures like the toilet and sink are white. Plain walls are perfect, but slightly patterned walls are also great for achieving a minimalist look.
bathroom with marble walls

Light-colored marble walls can also help you achieve a minimalist look in your bathroom.

  1. Change old-fashioned bathroom tiles with the modern white subway tiles. These tiles are a popular choice for minimalist bathrooms today because they have clean lines and are very stylish. Classy marble tiles are also a good option, so are hexagonal tiles in either black or white.   
  1. Invest in beautiful lighting. Lighting is a simple way to add style and ambiance to a minimalist bathroom. As with your shower fixtures, opt for lighting fixtures with reduced design elements and do not take that much space. Pendant lights with adjustable brightness are perfect for adding personality and creating ambiance to your bathroom. 
  1. Get everything in white -- use white towels, white rugs, and white shower curtains. Color mismatched towels can easily ruin a minimalist look, as well as bathroom curtains with wild patterns and multiple colors. Getting everything in white will also give your bath space a relaxing spa look. 


Are you ready to take on this minimalist bathroom challenge? If you need modern minimalist-style bathroom fixtures, you can check out SR Sunrise and shop for the best shower fixtures that fit your needs.