5 Best Bathroom Decor Ideas for Honeymoon Suites

Looking to revamp your honeymoon suite bathrooms? These brilliant ideas may help!

hotel bathroom in Bali, Indonesia

A honeymoon suite bathroom that can leave guests in awe.

Bathrooms always play a significant role in attracting guests and making them happy. If they see that your bathrooms are subpar and lack maintenance, then they will look for a different hotel or resort with a more luxurious-looking bath.

Honeymoon suites should not just be about a comfy bed with premium soft sheets, a breathtaking panoramic view, and room amenities, but you should also be making the bathroom look gorgeous and relaxing and make their honeymoon an overall unforgettable romantic experience.

So if you are looking for decor ideas to freshen up your honeymoon suite bathrooms, you’re in luck. Here are some revamping tips to try:

  1. Update the shower systems.
  2. Install ambient lighting.
  3. Add a pop of color with a bathroom rug.
  4. Decorate with plants.
  5. Use essential oil aroma diffusers.

#1 Update the shower systems.

SR Sunrise Matte Black Ceiling-Mounted Shower System

Matte Black Ceiling-Mounted Shower System from SR Sunrise

Shower systems are not bathroom decors per se, but they are very significant in how a bathroom looks. If you are still using the traditional-looking knobs and showerheads, you will not be able to wow your guests.

Go for the best shower fixtures that they won’t see anywhere else, or at the least, in their homes. Replace old fixtures with totally modern-looking ones that give an impressive shower experience. One such example is the matte black ceiling-mounted rain shower head that will make guests feel like they are showering under a beautiful waterfall. Awe them with sleek handheld showerhead and valve shower faucets. 

#2 Install ambient lighting.

backlit mirror in bathroom with dark walls

A backlit mirror gives the bathroom gives just the right brightness to see your reflection clearly.

In restaurants, lighting affects a customer’s dining experience. Proper lighting sets the mood; if the lighting fixtures are too bright, customers will most likely leave right away after eating. This is why restaurants use dimmed or soft lighting instead of emergency-room-bright lights, as the former has been found to increase comfort and encourage guests to consume more.

The same applies to the bathroom. Go for dimmable lights instead of the regular switch lights, so guests have the option to brighten up the room when they need to put make-up on or dim down the lights for a romantic shower or bath. 

Installing sconces by the tub or LED candles can also set the mood. As for the vanity mirror, you can opt to do the backlighting technique using LED strips behind the mirror or install pendant lights above the vanity sink. Whatever lighting fixtures you choose to install, consider getting dimmable ones.

#3 Add a pop of color with a bathroom rug.

colorful rug in bathroom with white bathtub

This colorful rug gives a pop of color to this all-white bath. (ApartmentTherapy.com)

Who doesn’t want a fluffy rug that makes you feel like stepping on clouds in the bathroom? Rugs are not very popular in most hotel bathrooms because they are germ traps and need to be washed after every guest. However, you can consider adding rugs only in honeymoon suites.

Rugs are also versatile bathroom decors as they can complement any type of interior design. A plain solid colored rug is perfect for minimalist rooms, while vintage rugs match rustic bathrooms. Never mind the extra laundry work -- rugs add more personality to a space and give you an edge over competitors.

#4 Decorate with plants.

shower with plants

Low maintenance plants in the shower can add more life to the space. (IG | @mo.and.the.jungle.shelf)

Just like rugs, plants are decors that can go with any interior design. Not only will they add style, but plants can also purify the air and help guests relieve their stress. They also give guests the ultimate spa vibes. 

If you are worried about these plants taking up space, consider small pots of succulents in small bathroom spaces. They look awesome on vanities, the tub, and on hanging shelves. Plus, succulents are hard to kill and are low maintenance. You can also opt to place plants in the shower. Install pipe shower shelves on either side of the shower fixtures and place pots of plants.

On the other hand, if space is not a problem, big-potted plants can fill awkward space and can also create a focal point. 

#5 Use essential oil aroma diffusers.

wooden aroma diffuser

Your signature bathroom scent can make guests recall memories of their stay in your hotel when they smell a similar smell somewhere.

Hotel lobbies have that particular scent that people remember even after years of checking in. This is because scents play a big role in our lives and can take us back to memories. In fact, scent branding firm 12.29 found that a person can recall a smell with 65 percent accuracy after three months, while visuals have only 50 percent accuracy. So why not fill guests’ olfactory senses with a memorable scent in the bathroom too? 

Essential oils do not just make the bathroom smell amazing, but they can also purify the air, making the room more inviting and relaxing. Just like lighting, aroma diffusers also have the ability to set the mood and make the hotel experience for guests very memorable.

There are many scents to choose from -- from fruity to floral and from woody to oriental. However, it's best to choose a unique one and make it your signature honeymoon suite bathroom scent. That way, guests will be reminded of your establishment whenever they smell a similar scent, and who knows, they might arrange a reservation in your hotel soon!