How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

Leaving the house is not an option? Transform your bathroom into a relaxing haven with some decor tips.

woman having a relaxing bubble bath in a white bathtubWho doesn’t want a spa retreat right at home?

Creating the ultimate spa experience in your bathroom is not as hard as you may think. In fact, even small spaces can be transformed into a spa. And because the pandemic limits our outside travels, including having a spa session, getting your own at home may just be your best investment for yourself.

Going to relaxing spas has so many benefits -- it helps you de-stress, takes your aches and pains away, promotes better sleep, and of course, puts you in a much better mood.

With a spa retreat right at the comfort of your home, you can unwind any time you want without spending too much and without the health and safety risks.

So without further ado, here are 8 ways to turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa retreat:

  1. Declutter, declutter, declutter!
  2. Upgrade your shower fixtures.
  3. Choose a calming color palette.
  4. Incorporate plants.
  5. Add wooden elements.
  6. Get a bathtub caddy.                                                           
  7. Invest in fluffy bath towels and bath rugs.
  8. Buy scented candles and an aroma diffuser.

#1 Declutter, declutter, declutter!

tolietries on a counter

Keep your beauty products and toiletries hidden from view by placing them in cabinets or storage organizers.

Spas usually have minimalist interiors and do not have a lot of stuff going on. So if your bathroom is drowning in toiletries, makeup, and beauty products, declutter by getting rid of items that you do not use every day. You can either store them in cabinets or throw them away.

Keep only the essentials on the countertop or keep them neatly arranged in a cabinet if you’d rather have them hidden from view. You can also buy minimalist storage organizer boxes to make your bathroom essentials look tidy.

#2 Upgrade your shower fixtures.

SR Sunrise Brushed Nickel Slide Bar Wall-Mounted Shower Head System

Brushed Nickel Slide Bar Wall-Mounted Shower Head System from SR Sunrise

Old-fashioned shower fixtures won’t make your bathroom feel like a spa, so consider upgrading to modern shower fixtures. The best shower system for achieving a spa experience should include a rain shower head with a sleek design. 

The spray of a rain shower head has a good balance of pressure and a steady flow of water. The slower pressure compared to a regular showerhead can massage your scalp, ease your stress, and provide full-body relaxation.

SR Sunrise’s wall-mounted shower head system features just that and comes with a cool slide bar shower faucet. The rain shower head gives you an impeccable shower performance and makes you feel like you're showering under a waterfall.

#3 Choose a calming color palette.

bathroom with white bathroom fixtures and white tiles

White can effortlessly make the bathroom look clean and relaxing enough to give you a spa experience.

If your bathroom’s color scheme is too bright, it’s time to change it. Choose muted colors, especially if the room doesn’t get much natural light. Pick from the palest shades like grays, beiges, ivories, and other neutral colors to keep the ambiance airy. 

If you have colorful shower curtains, replace them with transparent ones or, if possible, replace them with glass doors or dividers. Glass can also make a small bathroom look much bigger.

Avoid adding statement decor with bright colors, as it might take away the calming spa-like effect you are trying to achieve.

#4 Incorporate plants.

beautiful bathroom with pots of plants

Plants can add life to your bathroom and clean the air.

Adding greenery can immediately make the room feel more inviting and relaxing. Spas always have plenty of plants because they can clean the air and add life to the space. Bringing in nature is a key element in transforming your bathroom into a spa.

There are many low-maintenance and easy-to-care-for indoor plants to choose from, including succulents, aloe vera, bamboo, and ferns. Flowering plants are also an option, like bromeliads and orchids in soft colors. 

#5 Add wooden elements.

bathroom with bathtub and wooden walls

Wood can give an organic touch to your bathroom and make it more appealing.

Wood, like marble and bamboo, can be considered spa-type materials. These are the elements that are usually seen in spa establishments. Just like plants, wood adds an organic touch to any space and makes it more inviting and charming.

Changing your bathroom tiles to faux wooden tiles is a great idea, but it may be too expensive. If budget is an issue, adding wooden decor will do. For instance, you can use a wooden ladder to replace your traditional towel bar, use a wooden stool for face and hand towels, and use wooden planters and pots for your bathroom plants.

#6 Get a bathtub caddy.

wooden bathtub caddy on white bathtub

Bathtub caddies can give serious spa vibes.

A bathtub caddy can immediately provide you spa vibes while having that long overdue bubble bath! It may just be a simple addition to the bathroom, but it gives an incredible big impression.

These caddies are available in many designs, and you can find ones in a rustic farmhouse style, ones made of bamboo, acrylic, and ones made in stainless steel or polished brass. Of course, a bathtub caddy made of wood is the best choice for that ultimate spa feel.

#7 Invest in fluffy bath towels and bath rugs.

two beige towels hanging from wooden hooks

Invest in soft bath towels and bath rugs that are highly absorbent.

Who doesn’t love to be wrapped in luxuriously soft bath towels and step on fluffy bath rugs? Soft towels can also help create a spa-like feeling in your bathroom, especially if they are in white or in muted pastel colors. On the other hand, resting your feet in cloud-like soft bath rugs can make you feel even more relaxed, so investing in these things is essential to give you some serious spa vibes.

If you want to take your bathroom spa to the next level, get yourself a towel warmer so you can indulge in heated towels at home, just like you would in an expensive spa. Plus, hot towels also provide moist heat that penetrates the skin into your muscles to promote deeper relaxation. 

#8 Buy scented candles and an aroma diffuser.

scented candle on white wooden bathtub caddy

Aromatherapy can help you get a more relaxing bath.

Finally, splurge in scented candles and essential oils to give your olfactory senses the treat they deserve. Aromatherapy can boost relaxation, relieve stress, and set the mood. Scented candles not only provide aromatherapy but also gives the bathroom ambient lighting. 

Aroma diffusers are best for those who want stronger but not overpowering scents and for those with larger bathrooms. Essential oils can instantly enhance moods and can put you into serious relaxation mode. The most common essential oils used in spas are lavender, orange, chamomile, peppermint, and eucalyptus oil.