Enjoy a Tropical Paradise Bathroom All-Year-Round

You can enjoy summer all year long at home by transforming your bathroom into a tropical haven.

shower with beautiful creeping plants

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a shower in a tropical paradise?

It is no wonder why many people love the tropics. The vibe always seems to be relaxing, and the place itself exudes positive energies. The Caribbean Islands, in fact, welcomed about 26.3 million foreign visitors in 2019, up from the international tourism volume recorded in 2018. People go to the tropics to unwind and de-stress.

If you miss your trips to the tropical islands, you can create a special place in your home that reminds you of them. Aside from your bedroom, the bathroom is a nice place to transform into a tropical paradise. The sound of water will remind you of waterfalls or the ocean, and the acoustics and echo in the bathroom will remind you of beautiful cave systems. And yes, you can also have the whole place to yourself.

So if you strongly feel a relaxing spot your home is what you sorely need right now, here are seven ways to turn your bathroom into a tropical paradise:

  1. Upgrade to a rain shower.
  2. Get a free-standing tub.
  3. Decorate with plants -- lots of them!
  4. Add stone elements.
  5. Get decors and furniture made of natural materials.
  6. Use natural light.
  7. Light up candles with tropical scents.

#1 Upgrade to a rain shower.

SR Sunrise’s Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ceiling-Mounted Shower System.jpg

The Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ceiling-Mounted Shower System from SR Sunrise can give you that bathing under the rain feels.

Tropical rainforests are known for their beautiful waterfalls and, of course, for constant rainfall. You can easily recreate this by getting a rain showerhead. Invest in the best shower set that includes a wide showerhead, preferably one mounted on the ceiling. Ceiling-mounted showerheads give you that authentic feeling of bathing in the rain since water is falling directly above. 

As for the finish of the shower fixtures, go with oil-rubbed bronze. Its metallic chocolate brown tone somehow matches a jungle rainforest color palette that includes different shades of brown and green.

SR Sunrise’s Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ceiling-Mounted Shower System is perfect for achieving a tropical-themed bathroom. It provides an impeccable shower performance as its high-pressure shower can make you feel like you're standing underneath a waterfall. Its oil-rubbed bronze surface can also match any tropical-inspired decors and furniture.

#2 Get a free-standing tub.

free standing tub in the middle of spacious bathroom with beige tilesImagine swimming in a plunge pool in your own bathroom.

A free-standing tub is essential to a tropical-themed bathroom. It's best to place it right in the middle of the room to make you feel like you are bathing in a waterfall lake.

On another note, if getting a tub is out of the budget and space is an issue, you can get a portable tub online. These tubs are usually made of plastic or thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) material, but you can get ones in neutral colors like beige or white to stay within the tropical theme.

#3 Decorate with plants -- lots of them!

white bathroom with plants and checkered tiles

Plants can instantly make your bathroom feel closer to nature.

Your bathroom will not achieve a tropical paradise design without plants. They are the best accent pieces to give the space elements of nature. Plants can make bathrooms look more welcoming, no matter the size. And besides aesthetics, they provide clean air too.

The best types of plants to decorate your bathroom are mostly the low-maintenance ones. Here are ten plants that you can choose from:

  • Aloe vera
  • Bamboo
  • Succulents
  • Snake plant
  • Spider plant
  • Boston fern
  • Monstera
  • Pothos
  • Philodendron
  • Orchids 

#4 Add stone elements.

bathtub with pebbles and plants

Stepping on pebbles after your bath will make you feel like you’re in a tropical rainforest.

If you have plants, you would need stones too. Stones and pebbles also give the bathroom elements of nature. Stepping on smooth rocks after getting out of the shower or tub will make you feel like you are on a relaxing tropical beach getaway.

There are many ways to incorporate stones. One is to replace your bathroom tiles with natural stone tiles. If it's way over your budget, you can get smooth sea stones and place them around the bathtub and the shower. You can place stones all around the plant pots too.

#5 Get decors and furniture made of natural materials.

person holding a plant in a basket

Decors and accessories made of rattan and bamboo are perfect for achieving a tropical-themed bathroom.

Bathroom decors made of natural materials like rattan, bamboo, and bark can also give the element of nature and make the space look cozier. 

You can get a tropical-inspired mirror with a frame made of rattan or rattan baskets as plant holders. Get rattan lidded baskets which you can use as a trash bin or a laundry basket. Bamboo pendant lights are perfect for illuminating the bathroom too.

As for the furniture, you can get a wooden stool and use it as a shower chair or a small table for your toiletries or towels.

#6 Use natural light.

woman relaxing in a tub with the windows open to let natural light in

Open the blinds and curtains and let Mr. Sun in!

You can achieve a tropical paradise feel by maximizing the sunlight. A big glass window can let the light in and illuminate your bathroom, allowing you to save energy. The warmness of natural light bouncing off the leaves of your plants will definitely give you tropical jungle vibes.

If your bathroom has a small window or none at all, you can mimic natural lighting with warm white LED bulbs. The yellow tone of the bulbs is almost similar to the color of sunlight. Make sure to get cool white bulbs, too, for areas in the bathroom where bright illumination is needed.

#7 Light up candles with tropical scents.

scented candles on bathtub caddy

Scented candles look pretty on bathtub caddies and provide a relaxing soft glow.

Light up some yummy scented candles that smell like tropical islands to set the ultimate beach paradise mood. Do not underestimate the power of olfactory senses -- smell can trigger memories. Once the scent reaches your nose, you will be taken to a tropical paradise in no time.

The best types of scented candles to go with are:

  • Tropical flowers like jasmine and plumeria
  • Lemongrass
  • Coconut
  • Mango
  • Citrus
  • Other exotic fruits

On the same note, essential oil diffusers or aromatherapy diffusers work as well. They even give off stronger scents than the candles, so go with an aroma diffuser if you want to be transported to a tropical haven almost instantly.