10 Ways to Transform Your Home Into a Rustic Haven

From getting the best shower set to salvaging old furniture, turning your home into a rustic haven is pretty easy.

When you think of a rustic home, the first things that come to mind are country living and a cabin in the woods. You don’t need to live in those places to achieve a rustic-inspired home. There are quick and easy ways to incorporate rustic elements into every room in the house, including the bathroom, without looking old, outdated, or cheap.

Whether you are going for a full home renovation or just a room remodel, here are eight ways to transform your living space into a rustic haven to consider:

  1. Go for warm colors.
  2. Install wood beams.
  3. Consider stone or brick walls.
  4. Upgrade to matte black shower fixtures.
  5. Repurpose antique furniture.
  6. Get hanging lanterns.
  7. Install a ceiling fan. 
  8. Add grills to wooden windows.
  9. Hang animal-inspired statement pieces.
  10. Decorate with pallet wall decors.
wooden beams in white walled attic room

Wooden beams add warmth to this all-white attic space turned into a small dining area.

#1 Go for warm colors.

The easiest of all is to go for colors that will immediately make you think of a rustic home. The rustic style consists of warm colors, and using these earthy and neutral hues can make your home more welcoming and inviting. Such warm tones include brown, gold, orange, yellow, and dark green. Paint the walls or get accent decors like throw pillows and furniture in these colors.

#2 Install wood beams.

Aside from warm colors, anything that is made of wood is perfect for adding a rustic flair to your home. Installing wood beams will give the illusion of the interior of a cabin home or a little house on the prairie in a stylish way. The best rooms for these beams are the living room, kitchen, or room where the ceiling is high enough.

#3 Consider stone or brick walls.

Stones and bricks are two other rustic elements alongside wooden accents. A stone or brick wall can immediately bring rustic vibes to any room, especially brownish-gray stones and orange bricks. You don’t have to transform every wall in your house; you can pick one and turn it into an accent wall. For homes with fireplaces, you can add stone or bricks to the mantle for an alfresco feel.

#4 Upgrade to matte black shower fixtures.

As for the bathroom, you can breathe rustic life into it by upgrading your traditional chrome fixtures to matte black shower fixtures. Matte black is the best shower set finish because they look similar to wrought iron lighting fixtures that are very rustic in style. One such example is SR Sunrise’s matte black ceiling-mounted shower system, as it features an elegant matte black finish that looks pretty similar to rustic iron lighting fixtures.

Matte black rain shower fixtures from SR Sunrise

SR Sunrise’s matte black shower system can add a rustic vibe to the bathroom.

#5 Repurpose antique furniture.

Repurposing antique furniture is an easy and cheap way to add rustic decors to your home. If you or your grandparents own an antique dresser, you can turn it into a bookshelf, a bench with storage drawers, or a TV stand in your bedroom. Salvaging it may take time, but it is cheaper than purchasing brand-new rustic furniture. 

#6 Get hanging lanterns.

When it comes to lighting, the best fixtures to use are those made from wrought iron or a combination of iron and wood. Hanging lanterns or industrial-style chandeliers are perfect as they give off that rustic vibe, especially when the bulb used has warm brightness. These rustic hanging lights are perfect for the dining area or the kitchen.

#7 Install a ceiling fan. 

Ceiling fans provide multiple purposes for rustic homes. They add a rustic element, provide illumination, and distribute air throughout the house. Of course, it's best to choose one made of wood and iron, or at least one with black plated steel. 

#8 Add grills to wooden windows.

Wooden windows with grills can add a traditional rustic style to the exterior of your home. You can get the four-over-one or six-over-one double-hung or six-over-six casements window configurations in traditional or reclaimed wood for a very rustic feel. Paint the wood in black or in any warm, earthy color that best matches the other colors of the house.

#9 Hang animal-inspired statement pieces.

Nature-inspired home decor like the popular antlers on the wall or animal hide rugs is perfect for adding a more rustic feel to your home. There is no need to get “real” antlers or bearskin rugs – you can find 3D-printed antlers or synthetic bearskin rugs for a much more affordable price. 

#10 Decorate with pallet wall decors.

Finally, you can decorate the walls in your home with pallet panels painted with an inspirational or motivational quote. You can also consider hanging pallet organizers, pallet spice holders for the kitchen, repurposed pallet hanging shelves, and pallet plant holders.