The Pros and Cons of Matte Black Shower Fixtures

Effectively sell matte black shower fixtures by knowing more about this elegant dark finish.

matte black shower fixtures from SR Sunrise

SR Sunrise’s super chic matte black ceiling-mounted shower fixtures

Matte black is one of the newest finishes of bathroom fixtures. Because of its unconventional color, the visually-appealing matte black finish is perfect for shower fixtures and other home fixtures with a modern minimalist design. Its soft, dark sheen is very popular among new homes today.

If you are looking for ways to convince your clients that the best shower set for them is in a matte black finish, you will need to know every bit of information about this dark finish. You must present the pros and cons of matte black shower fixtures, plus the benefits they can get from them. All this information will help your customers with their purchase decisions.

What is matte black?

The matte black finish can be achieved by applying a satin black pigment to the surface of stainless steel, brass, or iron, then coated with powder. Matte black is somewhere between a flat and shiny black color. This finish softens the usually rough appearance of black and brings a unique and sophisticated feel to bathroom fixtures.

What are the pros of matte black shower fixtures?

#1 Fingerprints are not visible

Because matte absorbs light instead of reflecting it, fingerprints and smudges are less visible compared to shiny finishes like polished chrome. 

#2 Less prone to water stains and wash marks

As with fingerprints, the surface of matte black shower fixtures is less prone to wash marks and water stains. These marks won't stay on the surface, which is a major issue with polished chrome fixtures.

#3 Easy to clean and care for

Because matte black shower fixtures are not prone to fingerprints, water stains, and wash marks, you only need some wiping with a microfiber towel to clean them.

#4 Versatile and easy to match

Black goes well with everything, so matte black shower fixtures match any bathroom color or theme. Although it’s perfect for a modern minimalist bathroom, this finish matches other styles, too, because of its sophisticated color.

What are the cons of matte black shower fixtures?

#1 Relatively more expensive

Unlike polished chrome or brushed nickel, matte black shower fixtures are more expensive. This is because they are not as common and as popular as the two.

#2 Damage to the surface cannot be repaired

Once the surface is compromised, the matte black finish cannot be buffed to remove the scratches. Buffing will ruin its appearance even more. 

#3 Dirt and dust are visible

Fingerprints and water stains may not be visible, but dirt and dust are. The latter makes matte black fixtures look dirty, so you will need to regularly clean them. This finish tends to absorb certain stains as well.

#4 More maintenance is needed

Because dirt and dust stay visible on the fixtures, regular cleaning and maintenance are needed. You cannot apply makeup or powder in the bathroom, as the powder may stick on the surface. If you allow the dirt to sit for too long, it will be harder for it to remove, so keep a microfiber towel ready to immediately clean the fixtures.

Which customers will benefit from matte black shower fixtures?

Despite the cons mentioned, this chic finish may still be ideal for some of your clients. The customers who are a perfect fit for matte black shower fixtures are those who:

  • Are willing to spend more
  • Have modern homes
  • Like dark colors
  • Have brightly-illuminated bathrooms that do not need to reflect light
  • Have no pets or little kids who might damage the coating
  • Do not apply makeup or powder in the bathroom
  • Are prepared for constant maintenance

What are the best matte black shower sets today?

Here are three shower sets from SR Sunrise with this chic and sophisticated finish: 

#1 Complete Matte Black Shower Set with Adjustable Shower Arm Extension

Complete Matte Black Shower Set with Adjustable Shower Arm Extension from SR Sunrise

This matte black shower set from SR Sunrise comes with a wall-mounted round rain showerhead featuring an adjustable arm and a rough-in valve. This shower system features a minimalist thin rain showerhead with self-cleaning nozzles and can give a strong water pressure and flow. The Complete Matte Black Shower Set with Adjustable Shower Arm Extension sells for $99.99.

#2 Matte Black Dual-2-in-1 Shower System Combo with Tub Spout

Matte Black Dual-2-in-1 Shower System Combo with Tub Spout from SR Sunrise

This next matte black shower system from SR Sunrise features two round showerheads -- a wall-mounted one and a handheld version, plus a matching tub spout. It also comes with an eight-inch shower extension arm, a 71-inch long shower hose, and a patented three-way water diverter in all-matte black. What makes this shower set truly unique is that the easy-to-clean showerhead features 35 water flow settings, including spray, massage, and mist. This chic shower set sells for an affordable $139.74.

#3 Matte Black Ceiling-Mounted Shower System

Matte Black Ceiling-Mounted Shower System from SR Sunrise

This luxury rain shower set from SR Sunrise features a square ceiling-mounted rain showerhead and a handheld brass showerhead in a modern rectangular design. The mounted showerhead is available in three sizes – 10, 12, and 16 inches, and provides strong water flow and pressure. The price of this sophisticated matte black shower system starts at $229.99.

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