7 Ways To Use Wallpaper in The Bathroom

Here are some easy ways to add life, vibrance, and style to your bathroom.

Wallpaper is an excellent way to transform the bathroom without the awful paint smell or dusty concrete in tile installation. And whether the bathroom is big or small, the right wallpaper can immediately give it personality. Revamping it also will not require too much money compared to replacing the existing tiles.

Another advantage of using wallpaper in the bathroom is that you can change it any time you want without too much fuss. Peel-and-stick removable wallpapers are widely available today.

So if you need some inspiration for your bathroom to revamp, here are seven ways to use wallpaper in the bathroom:

  1. Choose an unconventional color combination.
  2. Pick patterns to spice up neutrals.
  3. Choose simple modern patterns.
  4. Go whimsical with the colors or designs.
  5. Get light colors to brighten the space.
  6. Pick dark colors to add some drama.
  7. Consider the ceiling.

#1 Choose an unconventional color combination.

oil rubbed bronze shower system from SR Sunrise

The oil-rubbed bronze shower system looks gorgeous with the gray bathroom walls.

Achieving an unconventional color palette is as easy as referring to the color wheel. The usual color combinations are complementary, or those colors from opposite sides of the color wheel, like pink and green or red and blue, or the popular black and white palette. If you want to be unique and unconventional, choose colors that are on the same side. Perfect examples are blue and green, orange and red, and pink and purple.

So if you have decors or floor tiles in blue, consider getting green wallpaper. The same is the case for other decors and fixtures. The best shower fixtures for red or gray wallpaper are oil-rubbed bronze, as brown, red, and gray are on the same side of the wheel.

#2 Pick patterns to spice up neutrals.

If your bathroom's existing fixtures and decor are primarily neutral, you can elevate the colors with wild patterns. Neutrals can be dull and boring if not used properly, and you may think that painting the wall with the same neutral colors is the best way to go. Add some style and pizzazz to the bathroom by going for patterned wallpaper, preferably one with bright and heavy patterns.

The bathroom would also look more unique if you go for patterned wallpaper in colors on the same side of the color wheel. On the same note, picking wallpaper that complements the neutrals would be just as lovely.

#3 Choose simple modern patterns.

Bold patterns may effectively add personality and spice to the bathroom, but sometimes, simple patterns can be just as pretty. Some excellent simple designs include small geometric shapes, linear patterns, and palm trees or leaves.

Wallpapers like these can lighten up bathrooms with a monochrome palette or those with dark floor tiles and black matte or oil-rubbed bronze shower fixtures.

#4 Go whimsical with the colors or designs.

bathroom with leaf pattern wallpaper

Large leaf patterns add a fun vibe to the bathroom.

Whimsical colors and wallpaper design is perfect for adding an accent wall into the bathroom. If you want to go all out, you can choose to cover all walls with these fun, bright, and playful wallpaper designs.

Think carnival-inspired interior. Wild wallpaper is perfect for achieving this. Some great design examples are woodland creatures, fruits, and checkerboard or gingham patterns.

#5 Get light colors to brighten the space.

If your bathroom has small windows or does not have a window, you will need help with brightening up the interior. Aside from installing more lighting fixtures, you can also use wallpapers with light colors.

Aside from pastels, muted wallpaper colors are perfect for brightening up the bathroom. The same is the case for bright colors like daisy yellow, electric pink, and honey orange.

#6 Pick dark colors to add some drama.

On the other hand, if you feel that the bathroom is too bright or too illuminated for your tastes, you can use wallpaper in dark colors.

Perfect examples are dark floral patterns, galaxy-inspired design, vintage damask patterns, and dark wood wallpaper. Using them can immediately add mystery and drama to the space and match fixtures in a dark finish and other dark-colored decors.

#7 Consider the ceiling.

Finally, you can also opt to cover the ceiling with the wallpaper of your choice. This is especially ideal for small bathrooms, as they can be pretty challenging to decorate.

Wallpapering the ceiling also leads the eyes to look upward and creates the illusion of having a tall ceiling and a more expansive space. It's also not necessary to use the same wallpaper as the ones on the walls; you can use a totally different one. It can effectively add personality and style to a rather small bathroom, whether it's a different color or pattern.