How to Achieve a Feminine Bathroom

Check out these top eight bathroom decor ideas that can transform your ordinary-looking bathroom into a chic, relaxing haven.

Giving your bathroom a touch of femininity isn’t that difficult to achieve. However, with so many chic design ideas to choose from, picking the perfect ones is the actual challenge. The key here is to think about the common elements among the many feminine design themes. Whether it’s about the color or the type of decor, listing down the common elements can help you decide.

And without further ado, here are eight bathroom decor ideas that you can try to add a touch of femininity to your bathroom:

  1. Consider getting oil-rubbed bronze shower fixtures.
  2. Get pretty shower curtains.
  3. Go for soft pastel colors.
  4. Dedicate one wall for artwork.
  5. Get indoor flowering plants.
  6. Install a chandelier.
  7. Invest in a clawfoot tub.
  8. Get a large gilded framed mirror.

#1 Consider getting oil-rubbed bronze shower fixtures.

SR Sunrise Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ceiling-Mounted Rain Shower System

The best shower set to achieve a feminine shower is to get oil-rubbed fixtures. The deep chocolate brown finish of these fixtures immediately adds a vintage vibe to the bathroom, which is reminiscent of old-world romantic European furniture.

For instance, SR Sunrise's oil-rubbed bronze ceiling-mounted shower system is perfect for a feminine bathroom. Not only do they give old-world elegance, but the fixtures also provide the best spa-like shower experience.

#2 Get pretty shower curtains.

Shower curtains may be outdated for some, but they are perfect for feminine bathrooms because they give off that retro bathroom feels. The best designs to get are those with floral designs or feminine patterns like paisleys and hearts and with light colors.

If your bathroom has a glass door instead of curtains, you can add a touch of femininity by getting waterproof stickers in floral and other feminine designs. Make sure not to overdo it, though, as it may look cluttered instead of chic.

#3 Go for soft pastel colors.

When it comes to the colors of walls, floors, and doors, soft pastels are the best tones. Pink is the ultimate feminine color, but you can also go for blue, green, yellow, or orange hues and still make the room look feminine. These colors also perfectly complement oil-rubbed bronze shower fixtures.

Pastel-colored tiles and paint are readily available. However, make sure to choose a pastel color that will match the color of your existing furniture or storage.

#4 Dedicate one wall for artwork.

Having an accent wall is another way to add a touch of femininity to your bathroom. You can paint it in a different color from the rest of the walls then hang up some cool artwork made by female artists.

Another option is to hang up paintings of flowers, gilded framed photos of your choice, or even dried flowers. Macrame decors and plant holders work well, too, especially if you are going for a shabby chic bathroom design.

#5 Get indoor flowering plants.

white orchids in fish bowl vase

Indoor plants can immediately breathe life into the bathroom. They clean the air and help with mold problems because they thrive in moisture. But to add some feminine vibes, consider getting the flowering kind.

The best types of indoor flowering plants that you can get are orchids, African violets, hydrangeas, peace lilies, and begonias. Aside from being easy to maintain, these plants also add some pop of color to your bathroom. 

#6 Install a chandelier.

Getting a chandelier in a Victorian style can immediately add a feminine feel to your bathroom. This lighting fixture would also look perfect installed right above the tub to give you ambient lighting while taking a long, relaxing bubble bath.

If you do not have a tub, a chandelier will look perfect above the vanity sink. It will add complementary lighting to your sconces or spotlights, giving you ample brightness whenever you are applying makeup or doing your hair.

#7 Invest in a clawfoot tub.

Clawfoot tubs, like chandeliers, effortlessly exude retro feminine vibes. Their vintage quality makes them perfectly match oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and furniture with old-world elegance. A clawfoot tub also allows you to achieve a spa-like feel in the bathroom, especially if you get a tub caddy for your scented candles.

However, if your bathroom has very limited space to accommodate one, clawfoot furniture like a small side table for your towels and toiletries add the same vintage feminine vibes. 

#8 Get a large gilded framed mirror.

Finally, consider replacing your modern minimalist vanity mirror with a large gilded framed mirror. Gold gilded ones are perfect, but you can also go for the natural wooden or bronze ones. 

If changing the vanity sink mirror is not possible, consider installing one up another wall, particularly by the bathtub. Mirrors make great wall decors, too, especially if they come with intricately designed frames. Consider getting ones in different sizes and arrange them in different heights.