Smart Home Essentials From SR Sunrise

Upgrade homes or accommodation businesses with smart home products for convenience. 

Aside from offering customers the best shower system for their homes or businesses, you can also sell them smart home items for a total upgrade and more convenience. These items can be excellent selling points for accommodation businesses and a great investment. But what exactly does a “smart home” mean?

A smart home is a home or accommodation that is equipped with controllable lighting, heating, security systems, and entertainment with the use of a smartphone or computer. These innovative items can be controlled remotely as well. 

SR Sunrise offers two smart home products at the moment, alongside shower sets and fixtures. So if you are looking into providing your customers something more, consider these items. Here are two smart home essential products from SR Sunrise:

  • Smart Curtain
  • LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror

SR Sunrise Smart Curtain

SR Sunrise Smart Curtain in a room with blue walls

SR Sunrise’s Smart Curtain system can easily be controlled remotely. Conveniently open the curtains without having to get off the bed or synchronize it with sunrise and sunset times. This item sells for $249.99.

This smart home product has six functions: 

  1. Touch motion activation
  2. Schedule setting
  3. Sunrise and sunset automation
  4. App control
  5. Remote control
  6. Works with Alexa and Google Assistant (via Tuya smart app)

Here are the product specifications of SR Sunrise’s Smart Curtain:





Metal type


Mounting type

Ceiling/Wall mounting

Overall dimensions

1.1'' H x 1.9'' W x 158'' D

Maximum weight recommendation

100 pounds

Easy installation of SR Sunrise Smart Curtain

Installing the smart curtain is also a breeze. You will just need to adjust the length of the track according to the size of the window. The curtain track can be lengthened from 78.7 inches to 157.5 inches. Next, install the ceiling or wall brackets and place the curtains. SR Sunrise also offers free 78-inch power extension cords and side brackets.

Finally, you can control the curtain in four ways:

  1. Connect the curtain to a smart device like Alexa or Google Home Mini.
  2. Using the Tuya app, set your open and close time.
  3. Use the remote control to control several curtains.
  4. You can also slightly pull the curtain to trigger the motor to operate.

SR Sunrise LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror

SR Sunrise LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror

SR Sunrise currently has two sizes of LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror available. The 36 by 28 inches mirror is for $219.99, while the 40 by 24 inches unit sells for $219.99.

SR Sunrise’s smart vanity mirrors can be installed in the bathroom or the bedroom. They can add a modern vibe to any area, and you can choose from warm, natural, or cool white lighting.

Here are the product specifications of SR Sunrise’s LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror:

Product dimensions

36"L x 28"W and 40"L x 24"W

Frame material


Mounting type

Wall mount


Horizontal and vertical



SR Sunrise LED Bathroom Vanity Mirrors on mint green bathroom wall

The LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror’s features include:

  • Dimmable brightness - You can set the brightness depending o
  • Adjustable color tones
  • Brightness memory
  • Comes with a wall switch support
  • Anti-fog from the inside to outside
  • Smart and user-friendly

This smart mirror also features a touch-sensitive switch. It can also be mounted on the wall either vertically or horizontally, depending on your mood or the free space on the wall. Adjusting the brightness is easy -- you would just need to long-press one of the buttons.

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