Best Bathroom Essentials for Elderly Homeowners

Here are the top five devices seniors or handicapped persons need in their homes.

pensive elderly woman reflecting a small round mirror she is holding

Living independently can become difficult for seniors or physically challenged people.

Whether you are an elderly person or are handicapped, living in your own home by yourself may prove quite challenging, especially if your health is slowly declining. Fortunately, technology and innovation have made it possible for people like you to continue living independently much safer.

The bathroom is an accident-prone area of the house, as bathroom floor tiles can be very slippery when wet. The World Health Organization has, in fact, reported that falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths around the globe, and people above 60 years old suffer the most significant number of fatal falls. Furthermore, up to 80 percent of these falls happen in the bathroom. 

With that said, it is necessary to invest in bathroom devices to ensure one's safety and convenience. Here are the five best bathroom essentials for elderly homeowners today, as well as our recommended products: 

  1. Shower slide bar
  2. Adjustable showerhead
  3. Handheld showerhead
  4. Smart bathroom window curtain
  5. Smart LED bathroom vanity mirror

#1 Shower slide bar

Polished chrome shower system comes with a slide bar on dark gray bathroom wall

This polished chrome shower system comes with a slide bar.

The best shower set for a senior’s home is one that includes a slide bar. This bar is the perfect solution for elderly people or persons who use wheelchairs who have difficulty standing up. With this bar, the fixed showerhead can be adjusted to a height that suits the user, so they can take a shower without having to stand up and risk slipping or falling.

Recommended product:

SR Sunrise’s 12-Inch Polished Chrome Slide Bar Wall-Mounted Shower Head System includes a convenient slide bar. The slide bar is easily adjustable and removable, so it caters to the user's current needs. This complete shower system sells for $259.99.

#2 Handheld showerhead

SR Sunrise polished chrome handheld showerheadHandheld showerheads allow you to direct the water flow in any direction without having to move around in the shower.

Just like the slide bar, a handheld showerhead, preferably one with a long hose, will allow the elderly or handicapped person to have a wide range of movement in the shower without having to walk around or stand up. 

Recommended product:

SR Sunrise's Handheld Showerhead features six settings. Available in either a polished chrome or brushed nickel finish, this stainless steel showerhead is four inches in size and comes with a 59-inch long shower hose and brass ball joint. The polished chrome sells for $24.99 while the brushed nickel sells for $26.99

#3 Adjustable showerhead

SR Sunrise brushed nickel shower set features an adjustable rain showerhead in gray walled bathroomThis brushed nickel shower set features an adjustable rain showerhead.

For the elderly who can still stand up, an adjustable fixed showerhead will do. The mounted shower arm can be moved up or down, and the showerhead itself can be tilted at any angle. The shower height can also be adjusted. These features allow the user to stay right where they are without the need to move around while showering and risk slipping.

Recommended product:

SR Sunrise’s Rain Showerhead with Adjustable Extension Shower Arm and Faucet Set is a wall-mounted type, and the fixtures are made of durable stainless steel. This particular shower set is available in matte black, polished chrome, and brushed nickel finish and costs $89.99 to $99.99.

#4 Smart bathroom window curtain

Smart curtain from SR Sunrise installed in a room with blue wallsAn automated curtain system will be responsible for the opening and closing of curtains for the elderly or handicapped.

Automated bathroom curtains are perfect for bathrooms with large windows. Having smart curtains will allow an elderly or handicapped person to open or close the curtains via remote control or a smart home device. This is especially useful for bathrooms with windows at the other end of the room that would require more walking and effort to get to.

Recommended product:

SR Sunrise's Smart Curtains have six smart functions:

  • Touch motion-activated
  • Scheduling setting feature
  • Sunset and sunrise automation
  • App control (Tuya app)
  • Remote control
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility

This smart curtain has a size dimension of 1.1'' H x 1.9'' W x 158'' D and can either be mounted on the wall or ceiling. It sells for $249.99.

#5 Smart LED bathroom vanity mirror

illuminated LED bathroom vanity mirror from SR Sunrise on beige wallAn illuminated bathroom mirror can provide brighter lighting to the bathroom.

Lastly, a smart LED bathroom vanity mirror can be beneficial for a senior or handicapped person. It can provide lighting with just a touch and has an anti-fog function so the elderly will not have to worry about a dark bathroom or fogged-up mirrors. Illuminated mirrors are suitable for the elderly and those with eye problems as they provide ample lighting to the bathroom.

Recommended product:

SR Sunrise's LED bathroom vanity mirror features a demister that will prevent it from fogging up. It can display lighting in various temperatures -- warm white, natural, and cool white, and can be turned on and adjusted using a touch-sensitive switch. The mirror can be installed vertically or horizontally and is available in two sizes -- 36 x 28 inches or 40 x 24 inches. This mirror costs $219.99 regardless of the size.


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