5 Reasons to Sell Smart Curtains

Learn why selling smart curtains is profitable for your business.


Aside from selling your customers the best shower fixtures for their homes or accommodation businesses, offering other innovative home items is worth considering. Selling smart curtains, in particular, may just be a good business move for you.

What are smart home devices?

Smart home devices are described as home electronic devices connected to other devices via wireless protocols like Wi-Fi, 5G, Bluetooth, and more that can operate autonomously and interactively. And these items are increasingly becoming popular today.

Statista forecasted that the global smart home market is forecast to grow to a whopping 53.45 billion U.S. dollars by this year, 2022. So it is, without doubt, a profitable move to include smart curtains in your inventory. This is especially true if most of your clients are open to innovation and looking to upgrade their rooms. 

What are smart curtains?

SR Sunrise smart curtain in a smart home

Smart curtains are just like regular curtains but are fitted with a motor that will allow remote access using smart device apps. These curtains can be opened and closed using a remote control or a smartphone via an app. These curtains can also work with Alexa or Google Assistant.

For instance, SR Sunrise's Smart Curtains is a remote-controlled curtain system that can be synchronized with the local sunrise and sunset times. The motor operates with minimal sound and features touch motion activation. The package features elegant white curtains with overall size dimensions of 1.1 inches H x 1.9 inches W x 158 inches D and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

If you are still hesitant about selling these products, here are other reasons to sell smart curtains:

  1. Smart curtains are perfect for the elderly or handicapped homeowners.
  2. These curtains help preserve homeowners’ or guests' privacy.
  3. Healthy natural light can be maximized.
  4. They protect furniture and appliances from UV light.
  5. Smart curtains increase home value.

 #1 Smart curtains are perfect for the elderly or handicapped homeowners.

People who would need smart curtains are the elderly and people with disabilities. Some homes have tall windows that may be difficult for some to pull open or close heavy curtains. Some may also be living alone and do not have the strength to get up anymore.

Smart curtains are thus perfect for selling to elderly and handicapped homeowners, busy moms who have a lot on their hands, as well as hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and clinics.

#2 These curtains help preserve homeowners’ or guests' privacy and safety.

Some homeowners may be unfortunate to have nosy neighbors. With smart curtains, they can ensure their privacy and safety by setting the opening and closing of curtains on schedule. And in cases they forget to close the windows, they can conveniently do so with the app even when they are not at home.

On the same note, for homes located in areas where crime rates are high, homeowners can create the illusion of having people at home. This can be done by remotely opening or closing the curtains via the smartphone app. Doing so will make burglars believe that the house is not empty.

#3 Healthy natural light can be maximized.

Early morning sunlight is healthy because it boosts serotonin -- a chemical in the brain that can keep people calm, focused, relaxed, and positive and increase energy. With smart curtains, homeowners can program the curtains to open during sunrise. And with the help of Alexa or Google Assistant, the curtains can be synced with the lighting fixtures.

Program the lights to turn off once the curtains open at sunrise and off once the curtains close during sundown. And yes, all these can also be done remotely.

#4 They protect furniture and appliances from UV light.

While early morning sunlight is good for the body, midday and afternoon sunlight is quite harmful. UV radiation levels, as we know, continue to be high because of the depletion of the ozone layer. UV radiation isn't just detrimental to the skin, but it is also harmful to the items inside the house.

Furniture and upholstery can fade in the sun, and appliances can get damaged. To avoid this from happening, homeowners can set the timer to close the curtains from 11 AM to 3 PM, which is the peak sunlight time when UV reaches the highest levels.

#5 Smart curtains increase home value.

Smart curtains can effortlessly add style to any room. They look modern, classy, and clean, either closed or opened. Because of this, the home becomes more aesthetic, and the value increases, not to mention the fact that they are programmable and automatic.

As mentioned earlier, smart home devices are getting more and more popular, so for a home with smart curtains, its value is much higher than homes without any. It will appeal more to prospective buyers once a homeowner chooses to sell the house in the future.


Learn more about SR Sunrise's Smart Curtains and other smart home devices at SRsunriseUS.com