Why Upgrade to a Rain Showerhead

Here are valuable reasons why you should replace your old showerhead with a rain showerhead NOW.

SR Sunrise rain showerhead system in a dark gray bathroom with indoor plants

Upgrade your shower experience with a rain showerhead.

For some, the bathroom is their favorite spot in the house. It really isn't surprising, as it’s a place where you can destress and have a relaxing bath or shower after a tiring day. But did you know that you can make the bathroom even more relaxing by upgrading to the best shower system? To be more specific, a shower set that includes a rain showerhead.

What is a rain showerhead?

A rain showerhead is a ceiling or wall-mounted showerhead that sprays water down vertically, which mimics rainfall, hence its name. The head is generally bigger in width than the traditional round showerhead and may be circular or square in shape. However, square heads are more common and popular as they provide broader coverage than circular ones.

What are the different types of rain showerheads?

Rain showerheads are available in many different colors or metal finishes. There’s polished chrome, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and matte black – which means you can pick a showerhead that will best match the color of your bathroom tiles or walls.

You can also choose from a round or a square one in different sizes. When it comes to mounting type, you can either get a wall-mount or a ceiling-mount one depending on the position of your bathroom’s water pipes.

You can choose to get just the rain showerhead or a complete shower system that may include various fixtures like a slide bar, tub spout, shower mixer valve control, and handheld showerhead.

What are the benefits of a rain showerhead?

The modern rain showerheads are better than the normal lang ones because of how they are constructed. As mentioned earlier, they have broader coverage, which means you do not have to move around or adjust positions to get the other parts of your body wet. Aside from that, here are five other benefits of getting a rain showerhead in your bathroom:

#1 A rain showerhead provides a super-soaking shower experience.

Rain showerheads offer a super-soaker experience that a normal showerhead can't. These broad heads provide a drenching shower of water that feels like standing under heavy rain or a waterfall. For instance, SR Sunrise’s square rain showerheads have sizes that range from 10 inches to a large 16 inches – definitely wider than the traditional showerhead!

#2 This showerhead has high pressure and water flow but is water-saving.

Most rain showerheads feature advanced air injection technology that offers stronger water pressure aside from a broad coverage. Because of that, you get to finish showering in less time, saving water. Unless, of course, you linger longer than usual in the shower.

#3 It provides a relaxing and soothing shower experience. 

Just imagine the massage-like feeling on your scalp and skin! The rain showerhead can provide a soothing feeling every time you shower. It can make you feel energized in the morning and relaxed in the evening before going to bed. The water that flows out of the showerhead is also able to relax the muscles more effectively because of high pressure, something a regular showerhead is not capable of.

#4 A rain showerhead comes with an aesthetic design.

Most rain showerheads come with a very aesthetically pleasing design and, as mentioned earlier, come in different colors. With that said, you can pick a shower set that can match the current theme of your bathroom. Even though these fixtures have a modern minimalist design, they can still fit in vintage or retro-style bathrooms because they are available in oil-rubbed bronze, a.k.a. the popular vintage finish of fixtures. 

#5 Rain showerheads are easy to clean.

Unlike the traditional showerheads, rain showerheads are much easier to clean. They come with rubberized nozzles that prevent clogging. Cleaning would just involve wiping each nozzle with a clean microfiber or lint-free towel. For intense cleaning, spraying the nozzles with a simple white vinegar and water solution will do.

 complete luxury rain showerhead system from SR Sunrise in a matte black finishSR Sunrise's complete luxury rain showerhead system in an elegant matte black finish.

Where can you purchase rain showerheads?

Rain showerheads or a complete shower system can be easily purchased online. SR Sunrise rain showerheads and shower systems can be bought at SRsunriseUS.com or from authorized SR Sunrise shower fixture sellers.

The takeaways

A rain showerhead may be more expensive than the traditional ones, but the returns are definitely amazing. It helps with daily relaxation, helps make water bills lower, and adds value to your bathroom – which will be pretty helpful once you decide to sell the house in the future.

So if you are willing to spend more for these long-term benefits, go purchase a rain showerhead now. Treat yourself and your family to a much-needed bathroom upgrade!