Our Favorite Bathroom Design Ideas

Get inspiration for your bathroom renovation from some of our all-time design favorites.

Whether you are making a slight upgrade, going for a complete bathroom redesign, or still in the planning stages, a bathroom renovation will add value to your home and make a significant difference. Picking out that perfect look can be difficult, especially if there are too many decor elements that you want to put together. So if you need some inspiration and help with choosing the perfect ideas, you’re in the right place.

We listed down ten design elements that are the most commonly found in beautiful luxurious bathrooms around the globe. So sit back, relax, and plan your redesign away with these design inspirations:

  1. Rainshower system
  2. Marble accents
  3. Wooden elements
  4. Ample storage
  5. Plants, plants, and more plants!
  6. Large windows
  7. Free-standing tub
  8. Patterned wallpaper
  9. Big mirrors
  10. Chandelier over the tub

#1 Rainshower system

Ceiling-mounted black matte shower system from SR Sunrise

The best shower system for a dream bathroom is definitely one that comes with a rain showerhead. This fixture is better than the traditional showerhead for so many reasons – it’s water-saving, gives a powerful water flow, relaxes the scalp and muscles, and most importantly, is very aesthetically pleasing!

These shower sets also come in many different colors, so you can choose one that suits your bathroom’s current theme. Our favorite – is the sophisticated black matte shower system that adds a modern minimalist vibe to the bathroom. 

#2 Marble accents

The classic marble accents can immediately add just the right amount of flair and sophistication to the bathroom. Marble is expensive, so it can immediately add value to your home. There are also different marble patterns and colors to choose from, so you will be able to pick one that suits your taste.

The best parts in the bathroom to upgrade to marble are the vanity sink and walls. Upgrading to marble floors is also a great idea, but they can be very slippery when wet, so if you choose to go with this upgrade, make sure to place anti-slip foot mats.

#3 Wooden elements

Wood can immediately make a space look homier and welcoming. They’re perfect for an all-white bathroom for some pop of color, for a modern minimalist one to add some life, and for a rustic-style bathroom to match galvanized metal, rough stone, and cast iron decors and fixtures. 

What's best about wood is that it is available in many colors, allowing you to match other existing design elements in the bathroom. You can easily get big wooden vanity storage or a small wooden floating shelf to add a rustic vibe to your bathroom.

#4 Ample storage

dark wood bathroom storage
And speaking of storage, big cabinets can be the bathroom's focal point. It can also add a pop of color if you are getting one with a tone totally different from the current color palette of the bathroom.

Aside from aesthetics, ample storage is perfect for those who love to store towels, toiletries, and other cleaning supplies in their bathrooms. These cabinets and organizers also prevent the bathroom from looking cluttered.

#5 Plants, plants, and more plants!

Yes, plants! Greenery adds vibrance and life to any space. They add a pop of color as well. Thankfully, there is a wide selection of indoor plants that require less maintenance and thrive in humidity.

Our favorite plants include golden pothos, spider plant, Boston fern, and monstera. You can place them in small pots on top of floating shelves or hang them in macrame plant holders up the bathroom wall.

#6 Large windows

Large, tall windows make the bathroom look bright and airy, and most of all, provide you with a great view if you are lucky enough to be living in a postcard-worthy location. 

Big, floor-to-ceiling windows also allow you to style the bathroom with lovely curtains or blinds. Although they are best for large bathrooms, oversized windows work well with small bathrooms too. In fact, they can create the illusion of a broader, brighter space.

#7 Free-standing tub

copper freestanding tub in bathroom with stone wall

Clawfoot tubs, in particular, add a luxurious vibe to the bathroom. They give a vintage touch, show off your beautiful floor tiles, and create the illusion of having some extra space.

Free-standing tubs are available in different designs and colors, and you can choose from different materials. For durability, you can get a cast iron tub, and if you want one that can support a lot of weight, stone tubs are ideal. 

#8 Patterned wallpaper

A brightly colored and patterned wallpaper can add a fun vibe to the bathroom. Whether it's flowers or geometric shapes, wallpaper can add personality to the room and allow you to express yourself, much like choosing fashion accessories.

Aside from aesthetics, a wallpaper finish will significantly mitigate the cost of repairs in comparison with tiling in the future. Removing and replacing the wallpaper is much easier, allowing you to update your bathroom without going through the dirty process of wall tiles.

#9 Big mirrors

Large vanity mirrors add visual interest and a subtle sense of drama to the bathroom. Wide mirrors can maximize the sense of space and effectively change the room's overall appearance. This is especially true when they're placed strategically.

Big mirrors also brighten the room by reflecting sunlight from the windows or light from fixtures. Because of that, they are very much recommended for smaller bathrooms.

#10 Chandelier over the tub

Finally, chandeliers over tubs make the top ten on our list. These statement light fixtures provide many benefits. Aside from adding a focal point in the bathroom, they can help diffuse light around the room in a relaxing way, making your long warm baths even more calming.

Chandeliers also come in different designs, not just the typical ones reminiscent of castles and old homes. They are also available in various sizes, so you can get one with the perfect size for your bathroom.